The day still isn't done yet, so many more projects are dropping. The latest tape comes courtesy of the West Coast spitkicker. Tracklist and link down bottom.

1. Strange x Unusual feat. Bago
2. Posse Up feat. Jams F. Kennedy
3. Real RSWD Pt. 1 feat. CBG
4. Real RSWD Pt. 2
5. “You Fuckin’ Bitch, Move!” (Prod. by Gideon)
6. Six Days Remix
7. Shawn Kemp
8. Live Fast
9 El Camino feat. Gilbere Forte
10. Facemelter
[BONUS] The Kids Are Bored

DOWNLOAD: Alexander Spit - These Long Strange Nights (Mixtape)


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  • Trees

    http://www.datpiff.com/3D-The-Iron-Giant-mixtape.275511.html <---THIS is what needs to be on this site!!!!!raw hip hop lyricism

  • casper wordsmith

    I get that whole #MixtapeMonday thing, but do you have to post everything?

  • StiLeR

    This shit is Dope as Fuck! Don't Sleep!

  • GR

    CAN 2DOPEBOYZ SERIOUSLY MAKE A list of all the mixtapes posted today on one post...

    So we can have a checklist?

  • WTF


  • Pugz


  • http://underthebridge.com apas

    night isn't over

  • http://www.burgerking.com Dave Dee

    The link on their page is dead.

  • Alexander Spit

    Here's the FIXED new D/L link http://www.mediafire.com/?rba2wn5kjsennu4

  • grs

    i dont mean to come off as a hater but I must make this known:

    I fucking despise the word 'spitkicker'. What in the hell is a 'spitkicker?' I picture someone punting their own loogie.

  • aremac

    ^ noncreative tard.

  • aremac

    this shit is DOPE by the way...

  • http://www.fuckyomom.com GOOD googly

    It's some stupid west coast slang. I guess when you have to say the same thing on every post you run out of words to use.

  • http://boards.4chan.org/mu/ JustAFanOfMusic

    Wow as soon as I found about about this, not long afterwards 2DBZ posted it. Shit's very smooth... should really entertain the Trill crowd.

  • HyphyWifey

    I'm saying though, this shit goes. Blunt to the neck and I'm zoning.