Alexander Spit – These Long Strange Nights (Mixtape)

blame it on Meka October 31, 2011


The day still isn’t done yet, so many more projects are dropping. The latest tape comes courtesy of the West Coast spitkicker. Tracklist and link down bottom.

1. Strange x Unusual feat. Bago
2. Posse Up feat. Jams F. Kennedy
3. Real RSWD Pt. 1 feat. CBG
4. Real RSWD Pt. 2
5. “You Fuckin’ Bitch, Move!” (Prod. by Gideon)
6. Six Days Remix
7. Shawn Kemp
8. Live Fast
9 El Camino feat. Gilbere Forte
10. Facemelter
[BONUS] The Kids Are Bored

DOWNLOAD: Alexander Spit – These Long Strange Nights (Mixtape)

  • Trees <—THIS is what needs to be on this site!!!!!raw hip hop lyricism

  • casper wordsmith

    I get that whole #MixtapeMonday thing, but do you have to post everything?

  • StiLeR

    This shit is Dope as Fuck! Don’t Sleep!

  • GR

    CAN 2DOPEBOYZ SERIOUSLY MAKE A list of all the mixtapes posted today on one post…

    So we can have a checklist?

  • WTF


  • Pugz


  • night isn’t over

  • The link on their page is dead.

  • Alexander Spit

    Here’s the FIXED new D/L link

  • grs

    i dont mean to come off as a hater but I must make this known:

    I fucking despise the word ‘spitkicker’. What in the hell is a ‘spitkicker?’ I picture someone punting their own loogie.

  • aremac

    ^ noncreative tard.

  • aremac

    this shit is DOPE by the way…

  • It’s some stupid west coast slang. I guess when you have to say the same thing on every post you run out of words to use.

  • Wow as soon as I found about about this, not long afterwards 2DBZ posted it. Shit’s very smooth… should really entertain the Trill crowd.

  • HyphyWifey

    I’m saying though, this shit goes. Blunt to the neck and I’m zoning.