Lil Wayne – Intro/Interlude/Outro f. Tech N9ne, Andre 3000, Bun B, Nas, Shyne & Busta Rhymes (Unofficial Video)

blame it on Meka October 31, 2011

The house of Harris did their rendition of Lil Wayne’s Tha Carter IV star-studded breaks.

  • bigwig

    *dead* at “Shyne”.

  • -HAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH SHYNE? is he a JEW and a blood? haha lmfao sum fkd up shit

  • wayne/3stacks/beater/nas/busta were garbage. techa nina and shyne was funny though.

  • @jones
    “-HAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH SHYNE? is he a JEW and a blood? haha lmfao sum fkd up shit”

    Right cuz you know… being a Christian and a thug makes all the sense in the world.. but you don’t believe in Jesus and you bangin???? HELL NA BRUH YOU CAN’T NOT BELIEVE IN JESUS AND BANG THAT SHIT UNHEARD OF!!!!

    FOH.. a lot of cats get locked and convert to Islam/Judaism, doesn’t change who they are.

    Knowledge for ya young ass.

  • come on here act hard n shit, you my teacher aint u? nice link in your name too kid

  • elquesoblanco

    yoo that link gota a trojan viruzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • Aint’ no one actin hard, you actin stupid. Cats end up doin fed time and convert to Islam/Judaism all the time. You laughin bout it show how outta touch wit the lifestyle you really is. You the only one on here tryna sound hard. I was imparting knowledge on a lost individual, nothing gangsta bout that, bruh buh.

  • Hmmm…

    Why did 3 Stacks have 2 tits?

  • lmao they had Nicki Minaj & BirdMan’s mannerisms down pact!

  • doc rovers

    ^ he said “down pact”. haha

  • feasible

    lmfao @ the dumbass who said “down pact”