Lloyd Banks – Love Shots x We F*ckin’

blame it on Shake October 31, 2011

New ish off Banks’ upcoming Cold Corner 2 mixtape, finally dropping next week. Radio rip (courtesy of DJ Camilo) for now. Shouts to Miss Info on the rippage. UPDATE: Back to the top w/ a bonus.

DOWNLOAD: Lloyd Banks – Love Shots

DOWNLOAD: Lloyd Banks – We Fuckin’

  • Fred.

    Cool gif. The quality doesn’t sound to good. I’ll just wait until the mixtape drops.

  • shane

    the future of album covers

  • The GIF is sick. Like the song but the quality is not great

  • Zero Kool

    @shane indeed it is. I would love to see this on a physical cd cover.

  • who cares


  • abdul

    Need CDQ. PLK all day

  • banks


  • lab rat

    somebody needs to pay Gee Vaucher for stealing her artwork

  • Randy

    i never hear any constructive reviews from banks fans. just yes men screaming plk. that’s why the guy has been making the same song for 7 years. because his fans are yes men who dont keep it real with the homie. they’d rather dickride than give him constructive criticism. then you wonder why nobody is checking for him and he doing ciara numbers. as far as mainsteam goes banks is done. probably wont put out another album until 2014

  • Know Thy Market

    I don’t think I ever would have expected to see a Lloyd Banks post with one song called “Love Shots” and another called “We Fuckin”. Is he aware that he has 1 female fan total, and she’s a hairy, ghetto-ass gorilla bitch out in Kansas City?

  • jb

    What’s a gif? And these don’t sound too bad. Which is the radio rip?

  • limassacre

    A gif is an animated picture.

  • crook

    @Randy wow, you’re an ignorant mainstream hater. just wow. faggot.

  • PIrateKing

    I’m stealing this asap….

  • amazing pair of tracks. that track “WE fucking” just needs a lil bit of a radio friendly version and it can take over airwaves