Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – And We Danced (Video)

blame it on Shake October 31, 2011

Directed by Griff J & Ryan Lewis.

Oh how I wish I was on the set for this. Shit looked like it was fun as all hell.

  • ye

    biggest video ever

  • d easy


  • Why is this shit so big, though?

  • 103

    the fuck shake

  • t.bigums

    gonna need a widescreen for this *Snoop Dogg*

  • zippy

    someone fucked up the embed code.

  • apple sauce

    can you make this any bigger, I cant see shit

  • smiffl

    Yeah, where’s the video? Maybe stretch it out a bit or something so we can see it.

  • Elite

    sooo funny haha. he’s poking fun at the mainstream… and succeeding because that hook is catchy as shit! lol

  • grs

    bunch of fucking duzzies on this site.

    mainstream-driven trash like yonas, neako, and shawn christopher get a thousand downloads while one of the most sincere and creative artists doing it right now gets 20+ thumbs down…smh

  • wu

    This shit is wack!

  • Yikes!

    Not one of his finest songs.

  • Yupp

    its poking fun at mainstream dance music…the scooter? the dances? the suit? the hook. Watch one of LMAFO Videos ;)

  • Dude

    LOL! So there definitely is more to Macklemore than a “conscious” artist. This MV looked like a bitch to shoot. Props for busting his ass on it.

  • bluz

    damn. hilarious. Went to school with the Keytarist. Good dude.

  • I like to see a fun side to Macklemore like this. This video is hilarious. Shows you what he thinks of mainstream music these days. Click my name to check out my blog if you are looking for another source for new music. Thanks.

  • dizzylizzy

    Epic that he is deep one day and effin hilarious the next day –

  • denver

    he’s not making fun of mainstream they’re just making a fun goofy party song. This ain’t 2003. labels like “mainstream,” “indie” and underground don’t mean much anymore

  • Billy Pilgrim

    @denver is semi accurate/right, i used to think it was making fun of mainstream hip hop but Macklemore hates the phrase “mainstream,” and also enjoys a lot of “mainstream” artists and songs. he’s def poking fun at dance/party tracks though.

  • Kno

    I doubt Macklemore is “making fun of anything” here, he’s just having fun. No need to attempt to justify the song or the video — you’re still allowed to like it.

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