#MixtapeMonday: A Recap

blame it on Meka October 31, 2011

If you followed the site today, you may have seen the hashtag #MixtapeMonday on a variety of posts. That was so that it would be a bit easier for me to make this recap post of the night. From Fat Joe to A$AP Rocky, there was at least one mixtape for everybody to enjoy today. Rather than having to scour through the site to look for each one, just scan through this compilation post to find any of the 13 tapes you may have missed today.

Fat Joe – The Darkside v.2 (Mixtape)
Iron Solomon – Redrum Radio (Mixtape)
Young Chris & Cardiak – The Revival (Mixtape)
Freddie Gibbs – Cold Day In Hell (Mixtape)
Yung Nate – Meant To Be Broken (Album)
Bugus – 2020 (Album)
L.E.P. Bogus Boys – Now Or Neva (Mixtape)
Young Lace – Cruise Control (Mixtape)
D/WILL & Les Izmore – The Granny Smith Theorem (Mixtape)
Yonas Michael – Lost In Hollywood (Album)
Alexander Spit – These Long Strange Nights (Mixtape)
Jim Jones – Vampire Life (Mixtape)
A$AP Rocky – LiveLoveA$AP (Mixtape)

What was your favorite of today?

  • Ying

    jim jones by far

  • aggzworth

    Gibbs all day

  • blahhh

    A$AP Rocky and Gibbs

  • d easy

    theres 13
    1. Gibbs
    2. Asap
    3. LEP

  • 1.ASAP Rocky
    3.Slim Joe (lol)

  • Stunt

    ASAP for sure! He’s got a date with destiny for that debut album! “Making it Mainstream: The “Blog Rapper” Crossover Album” :

  • Ed Holiday


  • IJ

    A$AP til i bump Gangsta Gibbs

  • turftalka

    A$AP>Freddie>Fat Joe>L.E.P.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Everything else. BTW I only counted 13 where’s the other 1?

  • eredh

    Gangsta Gibbs hoe!

  • realtalkNY


  • myopinionmoron

    Cold Corner 2..those 2 new tracks and shocke the world and love me in the hood over any other song this year and last year and upcoming year..only banks can top the best songs that are out by him..banks the best rapper alive.. period

  • Dumbla

    Asap blew me away… especially “Kissin Pink” and “Trilla”…boy makes me wana hit da drugs right noew :D

  • Bong

    asap and gibbs tied for sure

    anyone check out that bugus one or the yonas micael one?

  • Johnny Blaze

    A$AP & Gibbs.. Did anyone really expect different?

  • Thomas

    Blaison Maven (LA) dropped his free album, The Stratosphere

  • kd

    Gangsta Gibbs and A$AP Rocky came through. The LEP aint bad, and Yonas is cool. Haven’t listened to any of the others

  • D. $cience

    L.E.P. Bogus Boys mixtape is my first introduction to them, and that mixtape go hard! Always like good hardcore street rap. Cold Day In Hell is also dope. I downloaded the A$AP Rocky joint just to see the hype on dude. I haven’t listened to it yet, but I’ll get to it.

  • I gotta give Freddie Gibbs the number one spot for today, no doubt. I think y’all went a little crazy with this mixtape monday shit too. I mean, we could have done a little filtering haha.. some of that shit was whack.. Click my name to check out my blog if you are looking for another source for new music. Thanks.

  • Devine

    Did anyone download and listen to all 13 mixtapes? Lol that would take up your entire day. Here’s my mini reviews for the mixtapes I checked out:

    Darkside 2 – Fat Joe brought it again and I’m glad he’s off his Aloha type tracks. Solid mixtape, thought it almost could have been an album. 7.4/10

    LiveLoveA$AP – Rocky got one of the nicest flows in the game right now. Thats why he is blowing up so quick, he is no lyricist but he got catchy rhymes. He reminds me of Curren$y as they both don’t say anything that will WOW you, but u cant help but enjoy their music. His beats are all really nice and did I mention he has an amazing flow? Oh yeah, hes got a pretty nice flow! Ha 8.6/10

    Cold Day In Hell – Gangsta Gibbs is gonna be the closest thing we get to another Tupac in awhile. He’s a complete monster on the mic and each track is a banger. Rob Me A Nigga and Neighborhood Hoes are the biggest standouts, but every track is hot. Possible candidate for mixtape of the year imo. 9.1/10

    2020 – Bugus is a nice chill rapper. Hes got a lotta similarities to A$AP Rocky, just doesn’t have an image yet. Hes got a really marketable flow and I see him getting big. I think he is still really young, like 17 or 18. So give him time, he will reach his potential. 7.8/10

  • t.bigums


  • Pauly Dee

    So much dope shit came out today. Even some mixtapes that aren’t listed here!

  • none

    Short Dawg you forgot

  • I appreciate this post. Saved me a lot of work lol

  • From what I’ve listened to so far, Jim Jones and Gangsta Gibbs.

  • Young Lace!!!!
    D/WILL & Les Izmore!!!!

    No interest in them. Just showing them some love since no one else did…


  • THEDopeboy

    Gangsta Gibbs and ASAP

  • kujj

    Gibbs hands down.

  • Woooooooo! Yonas’ album is eclectic; def diggin it.

  • kel


  • BOOTY!


  • ASAP of course than the homie Young Chris

  • yoyoyoyo

    short dawg #TheAdventuresOfDrankenstien

  • Nardwuar

    Where’s Short Dawg’s at? His & ASAP’s were dope

  • R03

    Gangsta Gibbs Hoe!!

  • ASAP no doubt, honestly if i was not going to the watch the throne tour this would be bumping for the next 3 weeks straight.

  • chunkc85

    So it looks like its A$ap and Gibbs to hold me over till TMC good looking out…

  • ImGood


  • djchay

    @jack 2 tru man lol. i was thinking the same thing

  • j

    1. Gibbs
    2. LEP
    3. ASAP

  • hustle21

    gibbs, lep and young chris is gon be on rotation til they have new releases. nipsey droppin tomorrow… can’t wait!!!

  • Ramone

    1. A$AP Rocky

    2. Freddie Gibbs

    3. Alexander Spit
    ^never heard of this kid before, but needed to fill space on a CD so I gave him a shot. dope ass tape.

    4. L.E.P. Bogus Boyz
    ^first time actually listening to them for like a year. they’ve gotten better, kind of remind me of the Clipse.

    5. Bugus/Young Chris
    ^these just happen to be the other 2 tapes I checked out. nothing special here.

    I’m not gonna be able to convince myself to sit through a Jim Jones or Fat Joe tape unless someone tells me it’s really worth it, so if it is, let me know. And I’m pretty sure I’m not interested in any of these other people; I’ve already picked a couple of randoms today.

  • Axe

    1. Gibbs
    2. A$ap – side not schoolboy q murdered one of those tracks
    (haven’t got to the others yet)

  • Gangsta GIBBS


  • whatupsucka

    Honestly I wanted to see Redhead’s mixtape “The Schemata” on 2dopeboyz. The dude is from DC but is nothing like Wale. It’s a great tape, talks about shit like being in special ed and divorce and all kinds of crazy Ratatat type beats. Good stuff

  • 2dope

    Funny I still don’t know if section 80 was a mixtape or an album
    But if it was a mixtape it is by far the best mixtape of the year…maybe Lupe will top it on Thanksgiving….and if it was an album then it is rap album of the year. Gibbs is RAW though.

  • NoneOfDa_Above

    Constantly counting Tity Boi out. Smh he drop today. But Asap Rocky got it.

  • Po

    ^Read the title of the article, and see if you can tell me why a mixtape that drops TODAY, on TUESDAY, might have been left off the list.

  • 1.A$AP

  • shake and meka gives you guys 13 mixtapes…and they still get complaints from everyone. crazy.

  • sorry. not everyone.

  • KushedOutLowKey

    The Bugus tape is actually really good.