Drake – The Motto f. Lil Wayne x Headlines (rmx) f. T.I.

blame it on Meka November 1, 2011

Courtesy of miss info, Drake recently premiered these over at Los Angeles’ Power 106. November 15th. SHAKE UPDATE: CDQ version of The Motto has been added. I’m going to sleep now. Also, despite what the tracklist showcased today, Drake said that Kendrick Lamar will have a featured verse. Dope!

DOWNLOAD: Drake – The Motto f. Lil Wayne [CDQ]

DOWNLOAD: Drake – Headlines (rmx) f. T.I. [Radio Rip]

  • KDOT

    T.I was dope but take care will be ASS, yes it will sell regardless because Drakes name is DRAKE. But musically wise this album will be soft and trash.

  • d easy

    wayne sucks

  • joeyElz

    motto goes on some club shit.. i can see all the hoes goin crazy when that drop. headline remix was meh

  • Up, this proves it…

    Take Care >>>>> COAL World: The Christmas Story


  • juice101

    That’s why Rick shot his bitch ass

  • sammYPee

    i just bust a sweet duggy move to the motto.. im so cool

  • gucciburrswag

    best part of motto was the mac dre shoutout. wackness.

  • General Consensus

    Motto is very cool. Headlines is a little less boring with TI, but still nothing worth listening to.

  • Jdizzel3000

    Dope Mac Dre shout out…. Coo club song

  • AirMagicMamba

    Ambition>Take Care deal with it bitches!

  • King’s Advisor

    The Motto, wow.

    November 15th! (hopefully)

  • YUP !

    DRAKE >>>>>> J COAL…


  • yeee

    the scratches over lil waynes verse are the best part of The Motto

  • GR

    The motto will fucking bump. Shit. That minimal club banger. The shakers are on point.


    Stevie Wonder and Kendrick Lamar are also on the ALBUM TAKE CARE WILL BE CLASSIC

  • Mike Abate

    So is this gonna be on take care cause it wasn’t on the tracklisting ???? Is it that untitled track ???

  • @FRESHONE fuck outta here i don’t know what tracklist you looking at

    Cole World, Amibition > Take Care

  • mrcarlita

    drake’s back on his SFG shit, hes spitting fire and his flows what everyone’s jackin.
    weezy cant stop getting worse, and it hurts. hopefully when the explicit drops hell sound better?

  • 559YABITCH


  • namesded

    T.I. getting back 2 work…. luvin his verses… “Motto” got me bumpin… he’s smart as hell adding the Cali hyphy flava….


    Oh for the lame talking all brolic I promise you Steve Wonder and Kendrick Lamar are on the album and to say them two average album is going to be better than take care is laughable. The best song on wale album got the same beat as SHE WILL CARTER 4.

  • Leva

    @FRESHQUEER ok enough dickriding there buddy

  • Man… I almost forgot about Ambition. That shit was a let down, I mean, Wale stayed conscious… but at the cost of another meh release. Dude took off some of the hottest tracks in “Best Night Ever” and “Tats On My Arm”. So yeah… shit was straight, but nothing I’d tell my friends about other than the title track.

    Take Care > Ambition >>>>>> COAL World: A Christmas Story


  • Jay Daniels
  • draketober ended with a bang. check out new drake song…

  • Jfisher


  • electrotherapy

    @JustAFanOfMusic – we get it you’re gonna Take Care > over everything, get off Drake’s dick and gtfo with that OVOXO shit.

  • BASED >

    Drake so corny yo & Wale album was softer than baby shit.

    Kendrick Lamar Section80 >

    Btw J. Cole album was ehhh

  • trufisbak

    fuckin hulkshare ain’t workin rite now… fuck that!

  • explict_cdq
  • P.H.I.L.L.Y

    Headlines = Theme music for thug homo’s.

    A rapper singing about buying his gay friends drinks.

    Hip hop is dead.

  • That Mac Dre Bay area line nuts

  • ewring

    The motto is suck, if i want to listen to hyphy then i’ll listen to some bay area shit

  • Crash

    Niggas look like “Gossip Girl” with all that xoxo shit

  • Trees <—THIS is what needs to be on this site!!!raw hip hop lyricism

  • Tony Ray

    T Minus killed this beat for The Motto, that shit is bouncy as fuck! I really would have preferred a whole song by Drake and not another useless Wayne verse. Whatever, I guess that’s what you get for a last minute bonus joint.


    Lets be honest most of you didnt know about Kendrick Lamar till he got a cosign from lil wayne. Then he did a mixtape off the damn Cater 3. Now Kendrick Lamar is going on Drake tour. YMCMB is pushing Kendrick career. Wayne got a eye for talent.

  • rell

    dat motto shit groovy as fuck n dats just a bonus track

  • Dat Dude Chris

    @FRESHONE: WTF are u talking about? Kendrick built his own buzz. N yea i kno he was cosigned by wayne n then made dat mixtape (which was wack by da way) but aint pay attention to him or da cosign til he started blowin up a lil after he changed his name n style cuz wen wayne cosigned him he was rapping WAY differently n he went by da name of K.Dot smh
    Kendrick built his own buzz by making his own lane n being consistently good. Sum niggas love to give Lil Wayne so much credit n dickride smh.

  • I like The Motto a lot, but I hope the headlines remix sounds good when we get CDQ. I’m waitin’ for TI to murder something (no pun intended). Click my name to check out my blog if you are looking for another source for new music. Thanks.

  • NobodyImportant

    The Motto ain’t on Take Care though is it ?

  • ace209pb

    Niggas is gonna luv drake out in Cali for that Mac Dre reference…Im really impressed that he knows who he is and knows his music..

  • ughnh
  • nah_dude

    Mac Dre Shout out was the ishhhhh

  • factormax

    cant believe the only way i can see kendrick is too pay out the ass for drake tickets…

  • Stunt

    Drizzy already made the crossover! “Making it Mainstream: The “Blog Rapper” Crossover Album”:


    @ Dat Dude so you saying Wayne aint help his buzz? And nor he going on tour with Drake. That aint going to help his buzz? Wayne Cosigned him before all this shit. Wayne got Drake and Nikki before the buzz was crazy. Wayne has an eye for talent YMCMB

  • G

    Lil Wayne has cosigned pretty much everybody at some point in the last 5 years, including Lil B and Waka Flocka. His whole strategy seems to be to just throw everything at the wall and see what sticks; as evidenced by his music (a thousand different directions, none of which are done particularly well) and his label (a mashed-together band of misfits ranging from swag-rapping children to out-dated NY-style spitters).

  • Chance

    on the motto I wasn’t sure if i was listening to Drake or tyga. first big sean now tyga

  • Nito

    He should have had too short on the motto that would have been the shit

  • ADHD

    An eye for talent ? Don’t take a genius to see that Kendrick can put words together nicely . Stop trying to credit Wayne for Kendrick’s success. He built that his fan base on his own

  • j

    i want that leak sooner than later. still buying the birthday edition though.

  • Run

    I had absolutely no idea that Lil Wayne cosigned Kendrick Lamar. In fact, I’ve never looked into anything that happened while he was still K.Dot. Everybody I know got turned onto him after he dropped O.D. or even more recently with Section80, and those tapes had exactly nothing to do with Lil Wayne.


    Yeah that Lil Wayne cosign made Lamar strive to be better. People started paying attention then. I think he was trash then. But of course lil wayne saw the potential. Wayne cosign Drake before he was that nigga and when he was rapping like buddens. Wayne saw nikki before that real money was coming in when she was a lil kim fake. He sees it before everybody else. EYE FOR TALENT.

  • King Kong

    ^And he saw Lil Twist, and Lil Chuckee, and Jae Millz, and Gudda Gudda, and Short Dawg, and Mack Maine, and Kidd Kidd, and Shanell… what a visionary! What an eye for talent!


    Mack Maine runs the hottest label in hip hop. Shanell writes hooks. Lil twist will do better numbers than lil brother albums. Tyga about to do his numbers. Lil Chuckee not ready YET.

  • tidepride

    The Motto is gonna be on the iTunes version of the album as a bonus and is Kendrick the same K.Dot that was with BWS back in the day?

  • Frylock

    Only reason Drake said Kendrick is gonna have a verse is cause Shake asked, but i think a Kendrick Lamar verse would be great on whatever song.. Imagine if it was on that Stevie Wonder song, or ASAP Rocky, Drake, Kendrick collabo or better yet Drake, J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar

  • sol

    Motto is sick for sure. TI fulfilled the criteria for the “Official Rap Blog Drinking Game”:

  • #JustSayin

    hahahaha King Kong for the win!

  • the realest

    i can tell by the comments and likes that nobody on 2dopeboyz have EVER been to the west coast. ever. this song is the same trash shit every 16-19 yr old kid HAS been making for about 3yrs now. you drake stans have showed your ass and PROVED that you all have an homosexual attraction to the nigga, bcuz its MOST DEFINITLY not the music. and thats not hate, not an opinion, just facts. <—– made in 2008

    there are NUMEROUS others but i cant remember their names bcuz i do not listen. and no one does. but once DRAKE puts his name on it, "oh, take care is gonna be classic." lmao. what? i always knew but this just confirmed it, niggaz on here have absolutly no taste, and simply dont know what good music is. FACT. smh. you drake stans really crack me up.

  • Wiff!

    you aint gunna do shit for the bay you soft ass cotton candy muhfucka!

  • This album might not be worth buying… I’d rather play The Drought is Over Mixtape by Drake than play this in my car… and that mixtape is old as shit.

  • T.I. on the headlines remix was the best. Thats how a remix should be, props T.I.

  • @electrotherapy: Actually, Kendrick’s Section.80 is my Hip-Hop AOTY currently… I’m supporting Aubrey because his release seems to be the only that may be capable of dethroning Mr. Lamar.

    Well, maybe Rick Ross’ album… I mean, he has one of the best ears for production, so I can’t count out the Correctional Officer.

    Still, this I know… Take Care > Ambition >>> COAL World: A Christmas Story


  • that dude

    why do you haterz linsten to this then…i mean you had to decide in your head thnat you were going to listen to the song…but then you talk shit about it… who listens to music they dont like especialy when you purposely seacherd for it on the internet lol lames

  • lill

    right^ im so confused about that too.

  • thatdude

    sounds like drake took chris browns flow on motto which isnt good

  • DaTruth

    Listen up you dumb fucking monkeys, J. Coal sucks ass. The only thing that fuels any kind of decent line or beat from his music is Gay-Z’s limp-ass dick in his dry, bruised mouth while KanYe runs around the room putting coins in his asshole. Drake is the REALEST on the RISE, FUCK DEM OTHA GUYS…
    And for all of you motherfuckers that said Weezy should not have been on The Motto, listen to it again. He addresses the haters, flaunts his sex-game, and has more of an education than most of you deadbeat niggers that steal your grandmother’s welfare check to spend on Air-fucking-Jordans.

  • faubs

    yeah, let’s just judge albums off their tracklist before they come out. fuck outta here with this ambition/cole world > take care shit.

  • that one guy

    you dudes really have issues, no joke. Shit is pretty sad actually

  • stack.

    Lol this was dickriding at its finest, really.

    Drake is the REALEST on the RISE, FUCK DEM OTHA GUYS…
    And for all of you motherfuckers that said Weezy should not have been on The Motto, listen to it again. He addresses the haters, flaunts his sex-game, and has more of an education than most of you deadbeat niggers that steal your grandmother’s welfare check to spend on Air-fucking-Jordans.
    DaTruth said this on November 1st, 2011 at 6:07 pm

  • truth


  • I feel like some of y’all will change your minds about “the Motto” after attending a club full of big booty bitches who love Drake. Just saying. Word to RapRulerDOTcom

  • ham margera

    tip sounding like big boi all kinds on this

  • ohyuppp

    Being from the bay the first thing that popped into my head was the link posted in an earlier comment.. “you already know tho” straight up d-lo. This was a bay area beat.. delivery.. all that.. it gets no love anywhere else but let Drake put his stamp on it.. and the shit is tight? Yeaaah okay.

  • lance geneva

    the motto goes extremely hard lol.. so glad drake switched his flow up.. and weezy lmao “money talks.. and so does mr. ed”

  • Anonymous

    Drake the Cake is back at it again… smh. This guy’s music is too damn soft. He’s pussywhipped.

  • hollywood

    Shots @ uncle Luke?!?!

  • DW

    Smh I didn’t know ppl got into arguments in the comment section. Anyways, everyone keeps trying to diss Drake. Obviously, his music is generally good if he’s doing numbers. You p_ssy a_s ni__as listen to a song just to say you don’t like it. Lol You gets no respect. YOu just made because no body agrees with your definition of best rapper.

  • OVOandthatXO

    Best post of the day by far! Why haven’t you guys uploaded that new Drake and Weeknd? You guys are behind

  • shit sucks man

    Drake and wayne need to stop jocking each other style drake verse sound like old lil wayne. Anyway this song sucks get this bubble gum hip pop club shit ouuta here.

    Hey moron I know this concept is over you head cause you are simple minded but YOU HAVE TO LISTEN TO A SONG FIRST TO SEE IF YOU LIKE IT OR NOT. And you calling people pussy ass niggas but you the one thats editing out curse words like a lil bitch gtfo of here clown.

  • shit sucks man


    Word? j.cole, jay z and kanye suck, but thats why drake (you aka your gay lover) works with these guys and looks up to jay and ye and thinks they are two of the greatest. Get drakes semen out of your eyes so you can see straight.

  • Pauly Dee

    Sorry, but the Motto is wack. Wayne and Drake don’t have good chemistry at all…

  • aop

    jocked the shit out of the Hootie Hoo beat.

  • bobs1

    drake shouted uncle luke because luke went in on lil wayne…i don’t know how to feel about this, being from south florida.