Aesop Rock - Thorns f. Slug & Eyedea [Unreleased]

Well well well.. what do we have here!? An unreleased cut from Ace, Slug and Eyedea? Yeah, my day is made. I'll let Aesop take it from here.

This was one of the songs we had recorded on what I believe was Slug and Eyedea’s first trip to NYC. If memory serves, we ended up not keeping it because it didn’t really have any direction or structure – it was more just us 4 bugging out and getting to know each other. The same trip yielded “Missed by a Mile” with the same line-up, as well as another one or two that never saw the light of day. As my deadline for Labor Days was approaching I knew I wanted to use the beat for my record, so this version was dismantled.

And while the song is available for the low-low price of an email address, any and all donations will go to helping Mr. Dibbs with his recently incurred medical expenses. For those that don't know, the DJ/producer was recently diagnosed with Cirrhosis (which is the final phase of chronic liver disease) and the cost of treatment is out of this world. Anything will help!

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  • I remember hearing this record like 5 years ago...

  • ^^ a version of this ended up on "labor days" with c-rayz walz.

  • The secret of high-heeled shoes, you know?As for Women and jordan high heels, this is the inseparable relations, Tom Ford master evidence: "don't wear the high-heeled shoes woman how talk up sexy?" High heels and sex appeal is relevant? The answer is: "of course!"

  • wackness

    How much you want to bet that this will get less comments and less likes/dislikes than the Wayne track.

  • FlightClub

    Gotta be slug in the pic, right?

  • Detroit89

    damn these white guys are vets in the game and people still forget they are better than more than half of these mac millers/mgk white rappers

  • Dope, plain and simple. And @FlightClub -- Eyedea with the blowup, Sean in the background.

  • who cares!

  • wow

    Between this and the common track today I'm good (:

  • Dope

    Made a donation It wasn't much, but don't have much to give. And every lil bit helps. Ya know? 3 dope MC's and amazing production

  • damus

    Nah, FlightClub, that's a young Eyedea.

  • Dope... Just has that "raw" feel to it. Click my name to check out my blog if you are looking for another source for new music. Thanks.

  • Wyatt

    @FightClub @damus, Slug is in the background

  • Sane

    Dope track.

  • i thought this was who everyone was talking about when they started saying asap rocky.

  • Jazz

    21 thumbs down? dumbfucks. at least RESPECT to late Eyedea.

  • wat

    dope ish,r.i.p michael larson

  • wat

    misspelled larsen

  • FlightClub

    thanks yenna, i meant the creeper in the back

  • Nick

    aes was crucial for me to expand my music taste into the mixtape/more underground hip hop of today. to hear some new ish over this beat is fucking fantastic. made my night, and i have some LPs to add onto my iphone tonight.

  • Nick

    aesop was the reason i started looking at LPs and underground and mixtapes to begin with. hearing this beat again (its been years) has made my night. gotta throw some lps on my iphone tonight.

  • imhh1

    RIP EYEDEA we miss you

  • Homegrown

    RIP Eyedea, sick track. Amazing to hear this beat done by this trio.

  • created619


  • Yeah Me & Aes Later did this a[on his album and called it "BENT LIFE" My Boys went nuts on here tho. BlockHead Murked This Beat Heavy! R.I.P. Mike Larsen!


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