Common – Sweet (prod. No I.D.)

blame it on Shake November 2, 2011

Don’t let the title deceive you.. there’s nothing sweet about Com’s latest single off The Dreamer, The Believer. Bombs by Flex for now.

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  • yep

    If this album sounds like blue sky and this all the way through, we may have classic material on our hands faggots

  • OC

    Nas and Common are still the best 2 out there. Lol at these kids putting J Cole and them ahead.

  • Jbizzle

    Common been nasty, dude might be 730 the way he flip out @ times

  • ^^^^^ True statement.. Nas and Common haven’t lost a step since they layed down the foundation of hip hop. J. Cole will end up being around for a long time, though. Don’t underestimate the kid. Click my name to check out my blog if you are looking for another source for new music. Thanks.

  • cgdbrd

    i need a .m4a of this ASAP

  • Was he really talking about anyone on this joint. But anyway damn Common be spitting straight fire darts on this! Wow!

  • mR

    ohhhhhhhhh shhhiiiiiittt

  • ForcedExposure

    Whoa! Haven’t heard him like this since his COmmon Sense days

  • ovooooooooxo

    nigga was talking bout wale with that la la la shit as soon as his album start or either medium sean gay ass

  • theyay

    With all that singing sound like he talkin about Drake Lmao.

  • Hes talkin about drake lol. Soft sweet ass nigga. Mufuccka.

  • David Stern is an asshole

    the “LA LA LA” @ 1:37 lmao fuckin Lonnie

  • marty mcfly

    Its been a long time sense I heard Common sound like he was mad. Not since maybe Electric Wire Hustler but got damn it would be funny as hell to see Common flip on somebody in real life. Anyway I doubt he talking about Drake cause Drake is a singer forreal not a rapper thats just trying to harmonize or Frank Sinatra an easy note. He mite be talking about rappers that try to sing but sound ridiculous when they do like – Straight up now tell me do you really wanna love me forever oh oh oh…

  • catcher freeman

    fox new gonna have a field day with this lmao

  • gully

    Jay-Z, Common, Nas, Bun B n LOX r really all hip hop has left of the ol skool tht can still spit…u think wayne n drake can compare to their subject matter ur sleepin their wayyy too sweet!!! WORD UP!

  • Nov 21

    1. Yeah, That Boy
    2. Made In The USA
    3. Hard White (Up In The Club) [ft. Lil Jon]
    4. Throw It Up [ft. Eminem & Gangsta Boo]
    5. From The Gutter [Ritz The Rapper]
    6. Bama
    7. No Hands
    8. Let’s Roll [ft. Kid Rock]
    9. 4 Door Chevy
    10. Trailer Park
    11. Wrecking Ball
    12. Home Sweet Home
    13. Beanie Musik
    14. The Machine [ft. Slaughterhouse]
    15. Rough Riding [ft. Busta Rhymes]
    16. The Last Song
    Bonus Cuts:
    17. Gangster Of Love [ft. CyHi Da Prynce]
    18. Holleratchee

  • dreez

    Oh my God…

    Praise the Hip hop Gods for this

  • Johnny Blaze

    hoooly shit, Com aint playing around with this one. Good ol braggadacio hiphop

  • Ozone

    I wish rappers would just name names haha…all the speculation is too much. Still liked it.

  • goodmusic

    wtf Common bout to drop the best album this year and nobody care smh watch the throne cole world section 80 ambition the roots is all hot but Common is gon drop the album of the year

  • ThaTruth

    No ID and Common went in on this one . Classic Track

  • JR

    boom! whoa!

  • aaron


  • Lifterquits

    HOLD THE FUCKEN DOOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Viktor

    damn, I thought Common was over but everything I have heard from The Dreamer, The Believer have been great, might be another classic


    Dope record, but Common sings on some of his previous releases. Its like when 50 made fun of Ja Rule for singing, we all know what followed that…
    “like going to see 50 at a show, and he dont come out singing.”
    Either Way Common is dope. He also said Chain around neck so I would guess its A drake type not an Aloe Blacc for example.

  • DJ Daz-One


  • Abu Saud

    Jay Electronica will be on Common’s album. You read it here first.

  • DD


  • red

    Not listening to anything until the album drops. But these comments got me fiending.


    If you don’t include Silkk the Shocker “Charge It To Da Game” in your top 5 classic albums of all time…. do me a favor…


  • js

    this is the track before blue sky?

    i’m stoked for this album

  • Crewwork

    Album of the 4th quarter for 2011 >>

    SmooVth – Red Dot Plot
    @iTunes >

    Listen to a joint on youtube >

  • solger

    Holy shit this NIGGA WENT IN

    but this nigga is soft though lets be real.. he lost that hardness(pause) a LONG time ago


  • WARA

    This fucking knocks. Common is dope as hell. Also take a shot.. “The Official Rap Blog Drinking Game”:

  • QuackQuackQuackQuackQuack

    ^Decided to wait for the NoDJ?

  • QuackQuackQuackQuackQuack

    Wait no, my bad- rapper kinda/sorta disses another unnamed rapper.

  • Reel Talk

    I’m from Chicago…Common is soft first of all. He’s not gangsta and he sounds completely out of his element (not the rapping on this, but the “hard” talk). The homie sounds stupid to me personally…but if yall like that kind of shit then it is what it is. The track would be a lot better without all the goofy talk cuz he’s not convincing nobody on this one

  • who cares

    This is ill! Common… damn man. And Common ain’t soft, he’s just real. And real dude’s have to flip out on the fake “real” dudes every once in a while. I thought it was fantastic the way he spazzed on this

  • Sneaks

    ^ if u from Chicago then u know coming ain’t soft….he did run with the 4 corner hustlers and he off 87th by stony….ain’t too nice over there….is he a thug of course not but that don’t mean he can’t go hard over joints like this…listen to all of his shit…this ain’t nothing new for common…shit is dope

  • Shoes for sell


    Talking tough on a track doesn’t necessitate being gangsta.

  • FYF

    YO Common came with some real shit…I’m sick of all these sweet booty ass rappers now! Xtra Small Sean, Wale…and DRAKE aka the ring leader…are pissing me the fuck off!

  • Goodnight

    Download @ 5pm

    Delete @ 5:02pm

  • Ileakers

    Jeury San > ASAP Rocky

  • trilla

    A$AP ROCKY >>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  • Good lookin Common, your def bizzack.

  • I’m both REALLY upset because I had been saving that sample/song to flip that NO ID (one of my favorite producers ever) used but this song is amazing. I was gonna sample a different part of the song anyway. This is amazing track.

  • da_soji1

    Lol Common is back

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