• JazEE_phaDE

    this shit is heavy. great song, great video. gonna d/l this album now.

  • http://www.justdistracted.com JD

    Great song and powerful video. Its a real problem. Especially these days when we're all fucking depressed becuz of the bullshit happening around the world.

  • adsf

    so, we can steal scenes from movies that already exist and call them our visuals?? what a lazy prick.

  • Milhouse


  • thesefools

    i think he's implying that the scene from the movie conveys the emotion he was going for. its fucking hip hop everyone steals shit and puts their name on it. it's dope. who gives a shit.

  • http://www.justdistracted.com JD

    @adsf i think we both know that the most important thing is the song, artists borrow music, videos, soundbytes and ideas from each other all the time. Including everyones favorite rappers Jay-Z and Kanye. Everything has already been done. There's nothing lazy about making a song that talks about one of the biggest problems in world and then attaching it to a relevant cinematic scene. It makes sense for the song and adds to the overall message of the song.

  • Wack

    this shit is truly wack. fuck u for posting