RUNDMCJ – Chris Johnson

blame it on Meka November 3, 2011

RUNDMCJ consists of Vito Banga (of Nappy Roots), Sabrina, Audio Stepchild and Tracy Tyler, and this cut is a tribute to the Tennessee Titans running back who is no doubt frustrating the shit out of fantasy footballers everywhere this year. SHAKE UPDATE: For more information on the cut, check the official site.


  • J.O

    His pockets weighing him down! (via Coach Herm Edwards)

  • thakid

    he was my goddam first round pick! its awful

  • peacefrog

    this should have been on nappy dot org.

  • YaaaoooW!!!

    PLEASE!!! Don’t ever use that name again, I find it a slight nah! scratch that I find rambunctious! Outrageous! and very disrespectful to the memory and legacy of one of the bountiful fruits (RUNDMC)to ever grow from the Tree of HipHop! It’s not cute, it’s not paying homage, Please dont do that. Seriously.

  • tenn

    Chris Johnson is doodoo

  • thecurb

    he’s gonna go off this week. i swear, lol.

  • And Won


  • inside information

    anything involving chris johnson this nfl season should be a RAOF

  • arianfosteradrianpetersonmattforte

    This is complete irrelevant garbage.

  • Beavis

    This is plain awful and sad

  • coffeeshopknock

    Ummm damn… is it that serious. I don’t think anyone is going to confuse them with Run DMC. Obviously they threw the J on the end as a shout to Chris Johnson. Do you have problems with the Golden State Warriors referring to Mullin, Hardaway and Richmond as Run TMC. Or referring to Darren McFadden as Run DMC. Or the fact that Mos Def’s shirts were a take on Run DMC. The disdain over the name seems a little extra. Now as far as the song goes…that’s totally justified.

  • ur sister’s cunt

    Most retarded name since waka flaka

  • PimpstarP

    @ coffeeshopknock I think more people are mad at RunDMJs title to the song. 66 people on here have Chris Johnson on their fantasy team.