• http://www.officialdbs.com DBS

    Thanks, this looks interesting. I appreciate anything DOOM.

  • vzvp

    ^ agreed. DOOM is a legend

  • Seth

    That's probably not even MF Doom

  • DayO

    i thought rule #1 was KEEP YA FAZERS ON STUN!

  • LE

    i gotta say doom is deAD to me ever since the imposter controversy. can't fuck with artist who shit on their fans

  • wtffff

    this shit is awkward as fuck

  • Effectz

    Dope, been awaiting something like this.

  • bigdew

    thanks for posting this. it was cool to see into the mind of DOOOM!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Buckeyes

    @ LE well it is said that he did it to follow through with his whole villain persona in the sense that at times he sends his "minions" to do his work...


  • Dinamita

    The one with Blu & Exile a few years ago was dope so I will be watching this...

  • jon

    he looks sick

  • srgwegd

    dope dope dope.. So weird how he talks about one of his characters like it's not him lol. and damn sometimes the guy asks a Q and DOOM waits 10 secs than answers, awkward lol.. Dope tho.. Need a new DOOM album asap

  • Ricki Lutes

    i'ma buy me some redbull today as a thank you for this! goddamn! first guru and now DOOM! this was off the hook!... looking forward to watching the one with Badu