Lecture: DOOM (Video)

blame it on Shake November 5, 2011

First Young Guru and Chairman Mao talk for over 2 hours about the love of music, the key to a platinum sound and much more. Now, over an hour with DOOM!? Yeah, the Red Bull Music Academy stop in Madrid was on point!

Hip hop’s last enigma sits down on the Academy couch to break down the message behind the mask, rap beef behind his different personas and why good things come to those who wait.

Now, can we please get that Madvillainy 2 of the DoomStarks project before 2015!?

  • DBS

    Thanks, this looks interesting. I appreciate anything DOOM.

  • vzvp

    ^ agreed. DOOM is a legend

  • Seth

    That’s probably not even MF Doom

  • DayO

    i thought rule #1 was KEEP YA FAZERS ON STUN!

  • LE

    i gotta say doom is deAD to me ever since the imposter controversy. can’t fuck with artist who shit on their fans

  • wtffff

    this shit is awkward as fuck

  • Effectz

    Dope, been awaiting something like this.

  • bigdew

    thanks for posting this. it was cool to see into the mind of DOOOM!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Buckeyes

    @ LE well it is said that he did it to follow through with his whole villain persona in the sense that at times he sends his “minions” to do his work…


  • Dinamita

    The one with Blu & Exile a few years ago was dope so I will be watching this…

  • jon

    he looks sick

  • srgwegd

    dope dope dope.. So weird how he talks about one of his characters like it’s not him lol. and damn sometimes the guy asks a Q and DOOM waits 10 secs than answers, awkward lol.. Dope tho.. Need a new DOOM album asap

  • Ricki Lutes

    i’ma buy me some redbull today as a thank you for this! goddamn! first guru and now DOOM! this was off the hook!… looking forward to watching the one with Badu