Who Wants To Win a K-Def Supa Heath Flexidisc?

blame it on JES7 November 5, 2011

Listen first before judging. No samples, all original.

This Flexi Disc features one instrumental song: “SUPA HEATH” Produced, mixed and arranged by the legendary K-Def… man, this one has QUICKLY become a personal favorite around these parts. Hate to name drop, but Chairman Mao from EGO TRIP / Red Bull Music Academy spins this joint at his live gigs and he said it results in OOHS and AHHs from the crowd as the track unfolds.

So, how do you enter for your chance to win? Simple: Name at least five Hip-Hop artists NaS shouts out in the Illmatic liner notes in the c-section with your legit email (not in the comment itself, unless you want some random spam bot flooding your inbox for the next 50-11 years) and we will randomly choose a winner next Sunday. Break out your cassette tapes, CDs or vinyl and start name dropping. Shout out to Redefinition Records.

  • DBS

    AZ, Q Tip, Pete Rock, Premo, G Rap

  • slick

    CL Smooth, A Tribe Called Quest, Havoc, Cormega, and Guru.

  • Unstoppable

    DJ Premier, AZ, Pete Rock, Guru, Q-Tip

  • Cody

    Pete Rock, DJ Premier, Guru, Q Tip, AZ

  • steven

    guru,pete rock, dj premier, q-tip, az

  • deplorable scragg

    illwill, pete rock, kool g rap, havoc, atcq

  • mrtn

    Pete Rock, DJ Premier, Guru, Q Tip, AZ

  • mrtn

    DJ Premier, Guru, Q Tip, AZ, Pete Rock

  • dell

    q tip, ill will, az, LES, primo

  • David T

    pete rock, qtip, guru, AZ and dj premier

  • qp

    Cormega, Jungle, Havoc, Guru, and AZ

  • The Calm

    DJ Premier, Q Tip, Guru, Pete Rock, AZ, G Rap, Cormega

  • sim

    Pete Rock, DJ Premier, Guru, Q Tip, AZ

  • peaches

    L.E.S., MC Shan, Jungle, Cormega, Tragedy Khadafi.

  • NellyvilleGOAT

    Machine Gun Kelly, Mac Miller, Swizz Beats, Dylan, & Marky Mark.

  • hoylesdead

    Large “Extra P , AZ , QTip , ATCQ , G Rap

  • Khaled

    A Tribe Called Quest, Cormega, AZ, Q Tip, Pete Rock

  • Sharkboxx

    Pete Rock
    DJ Premiere

  • Gabriel

    Cormega, Havoc, Q-Tip, Guru, Neek The Exotic.

  • Frank Crump III

    Pete Rock, Neek The Exotic, Cormega, Large Professor, Q-TIP

  • JA

    Pete Rock, AZ, DJ Premier, Q-Tip, Guru

  • 703

    AZ, DJ Premier, Q Tip, Guru, Pete Rock

  • Rudy Lopez

    Dirty Rotten
    G Rap
    Spud The B Ball Lord
    Large “Extra P”

    & “The entire Hip-Hop world”

  • clapa

    G Rap,
    Neek The Exotic,

  • skot free

    az, pete rock, premier, havoc, q-tip

  • Q-Tip, Pete Rock, AZ, Guru, Cormega

  • Doping

    fuck name drops, this song is amazing.

  • eemels

    q-tip, premo, pete rock, large pro, az

  • classinen

    d rotten, kool g, gifted unlimited, large pro, a.t.c.q

  • Jars

    kool g rap, pete rock, cormega, guru, q-tip

  • Dewopa

    Q-Tip, MC Serch, CL, Lil G, Havoc

  • Ruben Sanchez

    Q-Tip, Pete Rock, Guru, Kool G Rap, Cormega

  • Dick Scobee

    MC Shan, Cormega, L.E.S., Premo, Serch, Anthony “AZ” Cruz

  • Barts

    Large “Extra P”, Guru, Q-Tip, Kool G Rap, Pete Rock

  • Twelve

    AZ, AK, Neek The Exotic, Poet, Havoc

  • rosvoparta

    Premier,Smooth, Guru, Dirty Rotten, G Rap, Lil G, Polo

  • Dizzy k

    Pete Rock, DJ Premier, Guru, AZ, Q-Tip

  • Tiago

    Q Tip, Pete Rock, G Rap, Havoc, Cormega

  • Mericia


  • san

    MC Shan, dj premier, primo, large Professor, Cl smooth

  • coneição

    Tragedy Khadafi, AZ, Spud The B Ball Lord ,Spud The B Ball Lord, mac miller.

  • snowy

    -Large pro
    -Swizz Beats
    -DJ Premier
    -Dirty Rotten
    -G rap

  • jo

    Pete Rock
    Dj Premier
    Kool G Rap

  • sg

    az, pete rock,Dirty Rotten,G Rap,Guru, Spud The B Ball Lord dj premier, havoc, q-tip, a Tribe Called Quest, Cormega, Neek The Exotic.
    at least 5….

  • Tobias

    Large Pro
    DJ Premier
    Pete Rock
    A Tribe Called Quest

  • jony

    CL, Lil G, Havoc, AZ, Premier, dirty rotten

  • nunox

    illwill, pete rock, kool g rap, havoc, guru

  • Az,
    G Rap,
    Large Pro

  • marqster

    Guru, Large Pro, DJ Premier, Q-Tip, Pete Rock

  • J$

    Pete Rock
    DJ Premiere

  • aaron b

    atcq premier pete rock poet rapper ron