Irv Da Phenom - Ain't Handlin' (Video)

Fresh off the Rhymes & Resin Tour w/ Glasses Malone, Mistah F.A.B. and Potluck, Irv drops some new visuals off his All Nighter mixtape.

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  • sammyo

    wow! Dude is really actually nice as fuck. I WANT HIM ON THE FRESHMAN COVER.

  • my nigga killin thangs

  • idp

    @gregenemy Thnx fam-bam! U got the juice tho!

  • dope flow, even better visual. keep bringing the heat. KC all day!

  • Tanner

    irv killed this shit

  • juuuce

    dude just killed on Techs new album "ROAD RAGE"

  • PheeeeeeeNOM!

  • gggggggg

    all nighter is off the chaaaaiiin. irv kills it as usual

  • 3hlife

    This knocks. beast.

  • coolmandingo

    damn i didnt know KENDRICK had dreads? thy sound just alike


Rittz - "My Window"

I, for one, can't wait for the Strange Music signee's Top Of The Line.

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