Meek Mill – I’m A Boss (rmx) f. T.I., Rick Ross, Lil Wayne, ‘Sh*t, Swizz Beatz & DJ Khaled

blame it on Shake November 8, 2011

Had a couple seizures, call em minor setbacks/
Everybody praying for me, I respect that/
Woke up in the hostpital, where my checks at?

Damn, so much for a new Hov verse. Anyways, here goes Meek’s “big” remix for his Summer banger.

DOWNLOAD:Meek Mill – I’ma Boss (rmx) f. T.I., Rick Ross, Lil Wayne, ‘Sh*t, Swizz Beatz & DJ Khaled [Clean]

  • Swizz Beatz has no significant business being on this or any featured songs unless its as a Hype Man for DMX

  • Pugz

    Rating on how hard everyone went:
    1. T.I.
    2. Meek
    3. Ross
    4. The Skip Button
    5. Swizz….

    999. Wayne and his daddy….

  • grapedrank

    it’s about to be T.I.’s year in 2012.

  • Looking Like A Louie V Mannequin

    ^^^Agree my nigga TIP coming back to his old self, this song is dope.

  • catcher freeman

    ^ last TI came home u said that, stfu. he did kill this though, ross just devoured this. ross own this year again, nigga can spit forreal now. a couple years i wasnt convinced but he been killin shit since teflon don. rozay is the mvp. hate him or love him. appreciate that nigga

  • T.

    “I put 8 chainz where my NECKS at”


  • BP

    Hova didn’t want anything to do with this coonery.

  • the hood

    Mac Miller should’ve been on this though

  • Looking Like A Louie V Mannequin

    @LMAO catcher freeman, that was my first time saying that shit, to my knowledge and if you remember anything I said prior then nigga you must be a gay stalker. Go sit yo overly excited ass down and chill, stay in a childs place nigga. HAHA

  • WOW

    ^^Damn catcher just got owned. HAHA stay in a childs place, MONEY

  • There’s gonna be a hov verse. Expect I’m A Boss (rmx) “lost” verse – Jay-Z. Then it’ll be mixed into this coonery.

  • Druggid

    @catcher freeman
    I don’t hate or love Ross, and I sure as fuck don’t appreciate him or his role on hip-hop. He’s just another industry clown blowin’ smoke straight up your ass. It’s funny how we idolize the people who are so shallow and insecure that all their raps emphasize how ‘amazing’ they are. I can’t think of shit he’s put out that isn’t about ‘gettin pussy’ or being a ‘boss’. I don’t give a shit if he is a real or (most likely) fake thug, if he has this much influence and chooses to use it to make himself look better, he’s a useless fuck. End of rant.

  • str8jckn

    I just envisioned the convo between meek and weezy for the collab

    meek: what up bol! you gon’ get on that remix or what
    Weezy:Yah! but only if my daddy can get on!
    meek: yeah the more the merrier!

    …no meek, its never merrier…Never!

  • Tiiz

    I’ma pass.

  • imjustsayin

    Is it me or does Ross sound like an older Meek Mill…

  • yezk


  • mr.2dope

    Not gonna lie this lineup is disappointing

  • Mike Tomlin

    Man I fucks with TI but hes the only one on this track even in my top-20 anymore. Same shit different title. Not enough room on the iPhone for this garbage with all the other hot shit droppin this week.

  • dumbpeopleroundhere

    thyis song is fireeee cant wait for dirty version stop hatin u lames ..this shit is the remix of the year everyone delivered great …peace u pop tarts

  • I was excited for this, especially when I heard Tip was gonna be on it… now I’m just another sad hip-hop fan. This was supposed to be really good, hype was great for this. The wait was mean too. And now that it’s here… I don’t even wanna download it. (But I will because I basically collect tracks T.I. is on.)

  • jomoses

    Niggas waited months for them to drop THIS shit?..

    Minus TI & Ross they coulda kept this shit.. wheres Jay, hell wheres Diddy… Get this shit outta here.

  • Dumbla

    Na mayne u haters take a chiill piill an give Ross his props…the man is an entertainer. He is eating like a pig to keep in shape for your guys. How many seizures does he need to have to get respect???

    T.I. Meek and Ross take this home

    The only Joke on this is Wayne wtf is that clown on about he can’t skate for shit…wat tricks fool??

  • Johnny Blaze

    Fuck i hope someone can cut out Birdman swizzy and khaled verse, then i might put this on the iphone

  • KindingMe

    ^^^ Cut them out for real..dey fukin the whole thing up.


    SMH. i bet Jay-Z didn’t drop a verse cause wayne on this shit.

  • Koonta Kentay

    We need a “Swagga Like Us” lineup again

  • MyFiddyCents

    @Starks Hovs lost verse on Maybach Music 2 was cold tho

  • JDubb ^twnDC

    I think jayz didnt want anything to do with crap! yep!

  • factormax

    i be on my skate board, tryna learn a new trick hahahah wtf wayne

  • jimsy

    ha. that reminds wen i seen ross on 106 all he was sayin was that you know i’m a boss, boss, i’m the boss.

  • tha minus Bordman & Swizz version coming as soon as tha DIRTY dropped…dont understand why either or ths two still do muzik…dey time been up!! so many young artist couldve shine on this lik my lil homie DJ >

  • This is freshhh.. Why so many thumbs down? Can’t wait for the explicit CDQ version. Click my name to check out my blog if you are looking for another source for new music. Thanks.

  • CoolCalmJulio


  • McBain

    Birdman is the only rapper in the game who pays to get on tracks

  • theBroKing

    hahahah mcbain…

    wayne is getting obsessed with saying fuck one time now, im betting half of you dont even know what that means

  • M0ns1er

    I really like Tip and Meek Mill but the rest is wack

  • Too Good.

    “Oh fuck..I had to say fuck ONE TIME”

    Wayne killed everyone with that line.

  • Too Good.

    Btw, Meek Mill is terrible.

  • officer ricky

    officer william is a …………………

  • Randy

    at least birdman write his own shit i respect him for that

  • carlyCarlO

    there used to be a time where I looked forward to the remix of song… song wouldve been better off with just ti and ross/meek millz new verse

  • Gesus

    what the fuck is a “hostpital” you non spelling ass blogger lol.


    fuck one time = fuck the police !!!

  • Iona

    this shit dope…
    Since laying off 2500 people McDonalds been giving away $250 24hrs ONLY

  • Dubzy
  • Gogoshort

    ti got it the

    Soulja Boy Enters Guinness Book of World Records; Least Albums Sold First Week by Major Label Artist..Ever –

  • Drob

    I would have even clicked on this if I knew Baby’s cooning ass was on here. Dude is a modern day minstrel show.

  • Mike Abate

    Who wants to put cash on if they shoot a video for this shit stunna gon be rubbin his hands like a motherfucker !!

  • Your Father

    This is really a remix of the remix of Get ya hands up by Slim Thug and ESG

  • Hate to say it but Birdmans verse was better than Wayne’s… Ross is killing shit, Meek voice still high And airy, and T.I tryn a make up for lost time so he’s just demolishing anything in his path.