• Angi

    Fuckin Dope!

  • http://twitter.com/heartspilled Hazel Ann

    prof all day every day. the show was so ridiculous live, boy can SING.

  • http://www.breathoflifeapparel.com BreathOfLifeApparel

    How could you miss this! One of the greatest vids of all time! hahaha

    Love Prof's over the top style! Keep doin you!


  • Potter

    Super fun video to help produce. Dudes are hilarious.

  • Daganielle

    Just as great as any Prof song!

  • http://idistract.com mngophers

    The dude can sing AND rap like a fool.

  • kayla

    20 people are deaf and don't get laid. Prof for Prez

  • Ted

    Amazing wig, I'm pretty sure DJ Fundo has never looked better! Oh man can that chick suck a loli! Ridiculously amazing piece of work!