Dartlin – Dartlin (Album)

blame it on Shake November 11, 2011

The latest project from the DIEMON camp is upon us. Tracklist/download link after the jump.

DOWNLOAD: Dartlin – Dartlin (Album)
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  • that’s hard stuff

  • George479


  • last ish they dropped slapped

  • Best rap duo ever. I would buy this right now! Whers it at? Good AF

  • chuey

    this is crazy

  • Westsidebompton

    make sure yall check out that real hip hop video as well on the site…Dartlin is the middle man

  • E1

    Good beats, good mc, don’t like the way the album is mixed/mastered.

  • Y’all phony!

    314 ups? SUSPECT! I never even heard of dudes!

  • David Sanders

    THis shit really isn’t good, beats are straight, rapper is conceited as fuck and needs to stop talking about the same shit ( WEED, HOW AWESOME HE IS, and all that bullshit) 2dopeboyz, you guys don’t know what rap is, you just pick the most hyped shit and post it. GIVE ME SOMETHING DIFFERENT AND ORGINIAL!!!

  • These last two comments were by some lame dudes. Bugus and Russ been killing it for YEARS now, im out in hawaii and even im on their shit, if yall in the mainland and havent heard of them yet, do yourselves a favor and STOP LISTENING TO MUSIC. DIEMON got dropped on MTV, Bugus and Russ got interviewed by Sway and Trina, and these fools claiming they aint never heard of them, LOL.

    That being said, DARTLIN’s self titled album produced by Russell Vitale SMASHES. RollsRoyceRuss is back with 16 tracks that blows load after load right into your ear pussies. Dartlin lays smooth puns and witty one liners, mix in some controversial topics and this album promises to please all listeners… that is, those who actually KNOW music, unlike these two other clowns above me. peep the album, peep Bugus’ “2020” drop as well,

  • David Sanders

    Killing it for years…. you mean playing for 13 year olds at the masquerade is killing it for years, damn what logic are you on. Cool MTV heard them out, MTV picks Mainstream bullshit now a days so to me that means nothing. The true rappers and artists are the ones who keep it underground. MF DOOM, killing it for years and do you hear about him on MTV, NO. Roots, your comment is just another advertisement. I am sure that they will make it to the big leagues but not because they are talented, because they are just what Mainstream bullshit wants these days, good job, now tell me I am a clown when I promise I can find more people that find this shit wack than good.

  • you lost me at mainstream

  • keep it underground? do you know how fucking stupid you sound? theyre called the g6 landaulet boys. you don’t get a fucking g6 by killing cyphers on sirius radio, faggot.

  • Smeh.

    It’s not bad…but there’s a lot of ‘not bad’ stuff on the internet..I just don’t know why this gets picked above any of that. No hate though. Do your thing.

    ps..Dude swag Jacks the hell out of Bugus.

  • Reggie Stevens

    Jjackcity you’re a faggot, Riley stfu, FUCK YOU ALL! FUCK 2Dopeboys!!!!