Dawaun Parker - Decision Freestyle

To start getting y'all ready for his Decision EP (dropping in January), Dawaun hits us with a few bars. Spotted at UHTN.

DOWNLOAD: Dawaun Parker - Decision Freestyle

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  • Jon

    Good to hear Dawaun's EP has a release date! "Lost" is still heavy in rotation.

  • http://. Captain Hinsight

    Dre looks the same in every pic

  • Kent

    DOPE BEATS. http://www.soundcloud.com/clarkKENTtheSP FOLLOW ME @OGkae

  • PhillyShwag

    Why doesn't D-Park have more attention? Him and Kendrick are best on the west right now.


    MAN... Why the FUCK does D-PARK not have more attention? its like just about all his street singles are hard as fuck. SCHEMIN & LOST are STILL in Heavy ass rotation. The beats always get me hyped up and his lyrics is pretty good for a producer. We need that decision EP like asap

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  • No Homo

    Dayumn he looks like the fat version of J Cole

  • Yessir

    Dude can spit. Who knew?

  • SMH

    Why it look like he bout to rub his junk on Dre's arm... Hmmm?

  • http://twitter.com/executivesmoke Vic D

    Thumbs down for that gay ass picture

  • MissIndie

    Lol looks normal to me. Dope freestyle

  • jbala

    PhillyShwag ^
    Jay Rock and Bishop Lamont have somethin to say about that ..

  • DPfan


    Kay Rock is weak he says nothing new. Bishop is dope but haven't heard from him in a while


    Dawaun Parker is dope. Def lookin forward to his new album! Salute

  • based landlord

    its a fat j.cole

  • yeah

    @PhillySchwag and THE PRESI

    He doesn't have more attention because he has put out like 3 songs in the past year. He's not going to build a buzz with that little material. Plus, his last single Lowerrr was wack on all levels.


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