Rihanna – Talk That Talk f. Jay-Z

blame it on Miss_Peas November 12, 2011

Rihanna and Hov have come together once again to collaborate on a new joint as Hov bombards her latest single and it sounds a bit steezy. Talk That Talk, November 21st.

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  • Pauly Dee

    I heard this later today. Other than the dome line, nothing special. At all.

    You Da One>>>>>this.

  • dj khaled is an arab

    its a pop track he aint gonna say anything that great is he

  • Cole should’ve hopped on this.

  • twocents

    Why even post this bullshit?

  • Teeamo

    This sounds very, very, VERY mediocre compared to their other collabos. Not catchy at all…

    Run This Town >>>

  • marty mcfly

    What are you talking about? THIS IS CLASSIC IN THE MAKING!

    My baby daddy>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  • P!

    I’d rather listen to Roc Marciano.
    Mafioso all day.

  • Teeamo

    @ Marty McFly

    You’re an aural-sense-dyslexic…

    Your future on 2DBZ is at a standstill. Must be a flat on that DeLorean…

  • Rick Ross >>>

    Is it me or does this beat sound familiar as hell

  • Teeamo

    Don’t StarGate beats ALWAYS sound kinda familiar ? …

    Sounds a little Rude Boy-esque…

  • daddy

    this is very rude boy

  • dnltlk

    I like Hov’s verse on this better than the Mr. Nice Watch feature.

  • jbob

    when does the god not kill it doe?

  • SirCatalyst


  • naylor vega

    this is gonna smash in clubs with the shit they playin now

  • JHP

    This verse is better than Mr. Nice Watch though, that verse was weak AF, IDK why Jay keeps doing Cole the way he’s been. Maybe now that Cole has a number one album, and proved he can push decent units off of his fanbase, Hov will stop BSing him. Oh but this is dope for a pop song I guess, another top 10 hit like that

  • Pauly Dee

    The fuck? This verse is better than his verse on MNW? His verse on Nice Watch had a crapload of double entendres and lyrical strength?

    You’re comparing a verse that great to “Had it by a bladder, she like “oh I gotta pee”

    Rap fans are so confused…smh…

  • SMH

    All I see is her wanting my penis in her mouth.

  • brite

    Rihanna still got it, but Jay-Z fell off hard on this shit.

  • marty mcfly

    @ Haters and Trolls

    Dont play yourself cause even if you dont like the verse you know: “Ran into Morocco in my restroom, singer slash actress in my bedroom”- was dope. “I sell out arenas, I call it gettin dome” – Dope. “Im flyin out to Pisa just to get some pizza, fly down to Jamaica just to roll some reefa- was also Dope and I know almost all of you missed the line that he added with Biggies voice on it. Smh and before you call it biting just know that Jay been keeping Bigs name alive more then Diddy since he been gone.

  • bored on a saturday

    This song isn’t for the people who go on 2dbz. It’s for people who don’t use the internet to get music unless it’s the front page of iTunes. So it’s a bit unfair to expect lyrical jewels on a track targeted at people who just want something to drunkenly chant along with on the way to the club. Even so, Jay was flowing and had some good lines, most of which were pointed out by Doug Ireland above me.

    But I doubt I’ll ever listen to this song again.

  • Pauly Dee


    Those lines were average at best. The “reefa” line is something I’d expect Wiz to say.


    It’s not that Pop music isn’t good. It’s that this verse from Jay is bad and the song in general is bad. I mean, compared to the other songs on this album, this is shit.

  • Cait

    @Starks.. definitely agree

  • kdog1189

    “Is it me or does this beat sound familiar as hell”

    Sounds like Fab – Killin Em to me.

  • that nigga jay z sound like he was sick when he recorded this bullshit

  • bored on a saturday

    @ Pauly Dee – As far as pop music goes, I didn’t mean to imply that all of it is of inferior quality. I did mean to imply that pop music must satisfy certain aesthetic guidelines, which almost always — note the word “almost” — includes lyrical simplicity (in terms of syntax), so the words are easily memorized, repeated in the listener’s head x times a day, and then regurgitated back out on the drive home from work. This song does that. I agree that the majority of this track is “bad pop music,” in that it only meets the minimum requirements (wack beat, Rihanna singing annoying as fuck, some bland bars from Jay), but there are still good lines from Hov.

    But, then again, you say this song is worse than the rest of the album, and I’ve tried twice to get past track 5 or 6 and I can’t seem to do that shit. Blame it on my teen years, wherein I spent far too much time listening to Cold Vein and Liquid Swords

  • Pauly Dee

    I may have overdone it a bit, but it’s not a far off statement to say that songs like We All Want Love shits on this.

    I respect your opinion, though, and do indeed realize that songs like this are basically used for radio hits and whatnot.

  • gay

    this sounds like that tinie tempa and wiz song when im gone

  • I Kno A Bitch Named Marty

    @McFly he keeping BIG name alive cause that’s whats been feeding his ass. Don’t front nigga, oh and he finally tried to sound like him to drop hints on what he has been doing to stay successful. HAHA

  • marty mcfly

    No troll, he keeps his name alive cause thats what he promised he would do back in 97.

  • Uncle Sam

    Oh yea, sure, it’s Jay’s association with Biggie that’s “fed his ass” and turned him into a half-a-billionaire. That’s all it is. Nothing more to it. I mean, just look at Lil Cease… ok, nevermind… Lil Kim? …nope… Faith Evans? LL Cool J? Ma$e? Busta Rhymes? shit.

    Weird. None of them seem to be anywhere close to Jay. Probably because it takes a hell of a lot more than a friendship with a dead man to earn you the kind of success that Jay Z has seen.

  • Seraj

    ^^you’re right its not just his association with Biggie, but jay-z is still over rated as hell.. not hating but he should have retired after The Black Album like he said he would, he’s a good rapper but he’s not as good as people make him out to be.

  • YoungCosby

    A lot of yall dudes kill me, acting as if every hip hop song every artist makes is supposed to be suited for them. Those are the same negroids that never buy any fucking albums, trying to download everything off of the net. Start buying some albums and supporting artists befor you make any fucking comments.

  • Stay Frosty

    She needs to go away for like a year. Like travel, birth a baby, make a treehouse, just stop coming out with music every year (this is her third November release).

    And this is meh but it does sound like that Tini Tempah song.

  • the realest

    as a big jay-z fan, this verse was wack as hell other than that sell out arenas, call it getting dome. wasnt better than MNW or even Umbrella. fact.

    “but jay-z is still over rated as hell.. not hating but he should have retired after The Black Album like he said he would, he’s a good rapper but he’s not as good as people make him out to be.

    Seraj said this on November 13th, 2011 at 5:41 am ”

    ^ nonsense. so no Most Kingz/Hot 97 freestyle, no Lost Ones, no Light Up verse, no Prelude from Kingdom Come, no American Gangster, no Nas collabs, no New Day, no Why I Love You, no Diamonds verse, no maybach music verses, no Moon and the Sky verse. etc. so none of the hard shit hes made that ppl clearly want to overlook bcuz the majority public(which is dumb by the way) feels that he should have retired after the black album. hmm. okay.

  • Starr

    I like everything BUT the Beat.Dude, Stargate produced this and it sounds like Rude Boy, Black & Yellow, & Till I’m Gone…which were all produced by Stargate. Can’t anything be original?

  • Meezy