Belly – The Greatest Dream I Never Had (Mixtape)

blame it on Meka November 13, 2011

With production by DannyBoy Styles, DaHeala, The Weeknd and Belly, The Greatest Dream I Never Had is a very unique project and quite “outside the box” for Belly, compared to some of his other tapes. This mixtape is dark, personal and intimate. Each song samples records from the 70s, 80s and 90s, including artists like Love Inc (Broke Bones), REM, Lana Del Ray (Videogames), James Blake (The Wilhem Scream) among many others.

Tracklist and link down bottom.

1. Intro
2. I’m Falling
3. Criminal Mind
4. Num8ers
5. Downtown
6. Dreamer
7. Lonely Night
8. Losing My Religion
9. The Key
10. Purple Drugs
11. Time Alone
12. Go To Sleep

DOWNLOAD: Belly – The Greatest Dream I Never Had (Mixtape)

  • mr comment


  • J

    That’s a dope cover, for real. Belly always drops some dope records… listening as we speak.

  • Blue

    STFU J

  • zak

    whatever happened to his song with snoop dogg?

  • i11even

    Only liked 2 songs off this.. downtown and purple drugs. Lana del rey sample on downtown goes ham!

  • mr comment

    Damm i can make music like this >>>to easy

  • ^ for real tho..explains most of the rappers out today, simple ass music with no substance.. I’ve always thought Belly was wack as fuck, He talks like he’s some kind of folk hero in Canada, when I don’t ever hear anyone talking about him except for pimply ass white kids who pretend to be black.

  • cgdbrd

    this tape is better than Take Care

  • Blue

    He’s the shame of my city man, he made ottawa look like it’s runned by rich arabs.