Coldplay Performs Paradise & Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall On SNL (Video)


Coldplay took to the stages of SNL this Saturday to perform a couple songs off their new album, Mylo Xyloto out now. Spotted: Complex via Yardie.

Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall

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  • music fan

    Slow night, huh... no, but, seriously, Coldplay is a great band. Awesome songs and performance. Props for the post.

  • Teeamo

    How can you neg that ? ( even if you're a HipHop-only listener )

    Good recognize good !

  • Pauly Dee

    Props for Justice for posting this.

    I was just about to give their new album a spin as well...despite the mixed reviews.

  • AirMagicMamba

    I loved their new album could be best of the year "Paradise" and "Princess Of China" are the shit

  • derp

    fuck coldplay why they even on this site

  • Psyence

    That's what I'm saying.....Coldplay is the wackest, souless, most boring "rock" ever.

    Jay-Z and Beyonce don't know shit about rock.

  • 4th ear

    @Psyence "soulless"? go sit down and listen to their album A Rush Of Blood to The Head and then tell me if you still think theyre your research fool

  • Psyence

    Ask a real rock and roller what they think of ColdPlay. Yeah souless. boring. weak rock. Kenny G should be cosigning them not Jay Z.

  • Spike

    New album is good! It might not be as great as some of their others, but it should be getting better reviews.

  • YoungCosby

    I swear they're some people who don't good music if the shit slapped them in the face.

    Anyway, Mylo Xyloto will be album of the year. That album is fucking amazing.


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