R.I.P. Ol Dirty Bastard

blame it on Miss_Peas November 13, 2011

7 years ago the world lost a special, genuine and rather unique individual. A person who was undeniably real and spoke freely from his heart. A person who like any other person had his demons on his shoulders weighing him down, but he was the only reason we stayed around, when he took the podium and declared that Wu Tang was for the children. As a platinum selling artist, he took us on a ride through Brooklyn in a limo to collect food stamps to feed his family, stating that he was owed 40 aces and a mule. Regardless of however you felt about him musically, you can’t take the fact that there will certainly never be another ODB. He was Hip Hop’s Big Baby Jesus, who strongly influenced a genre and it is safe to say that the music as we know it will never be the same without the Ol Dirty Bastard.

  • Ryuk

    Rip Odb.
    Miss Peas needs an editor though.

  • Omar

    RIP, time really flies by.

  • bored on a sunday


    Shimmy Shimmy Ya is one of top 10 all time tracks. Rest in peace.

    That being said, Miss Peas really, truly needs to get all the fuck on out of here. Seriously, though. She is perhaps one notch above illiterate and about seven below interesting. She has no discernible writing talent or compelling viewpoint.

    I suck. I am a terrible human being. But Miss Peas is worse.

  • NoName

    yo i remember being a lil one knowing nigga got caught around mickey ds taking pics with fans damn homie seemed real/cooled fo real tho RIP ODB

  • clyde smith

    R.I.P ODB! Excellent write up Miss Peas!


    Never heard of ODB until this post, he seemed dope, might check his stufff out

  • try harder

    Obvious troll is obvious

  • beans & frank

    2 people don’t know who ODB is. Good looks to 2DBZ on this post. Show respect to the god.

  • Jmon

    a unique individual who after already having millions of dollars, went to collect welfare…what a joke

  • Jmon

    and comparing him to jesus???? are you kidding me?!?!?!?! he represents the exact opposite of being jesus-like. OFWGKTA the new wu. GOLF WANG

  • fuck a ofwgtka


  • Ryuk

    I like how jmon takes offense to odb calling himself big baby Jesus and in the same post praise odd future, with their infinite references to 666 etc. Surely the irony doesn’t escape you.

  • JaySpaceE

    I will always remember him for being the richest nigga in line for a welfare check. Haha playing nah dude is an originator -R.I.P OBD.

  • undefeated

    @jmon she wasnt comparing him to jesus you idiot.. it was his nickname that he called himself…

  • And Won


    That is a coincidence, I was listening to the interlude, “Free Like ODB” today and was thought about Ason Jones for a few moments. Out of all the rappers who’ve died, I think I miss Osiris.

    The Wu is the greatest. How many years and they are all cool with eachother? No big band has ever done it like them.

  • Jmon

    ryuk, i didnt compare them to a religious figure nor did i say they acted like one. if ODB claimed that wu was “for the kids” then OF is “for the kids” now. i know they may over play the whole “fuck the man” thing, but thats the image they have.

    and to defeated, i dont listen to bad music. sorry bout it

  • mr. v

    “planets in orbit”
    ..RIP ODB..

  • wu

    Jmon! You are a fucking idiot.

  • Jmon

    wu..the 90’s ended bro. its 2011. get with hi OF

  • Jmon