Fonz-E Mak - Alex Is Awesome

Fresh off The 6:21 Theory, Fonz-E is back with the first release off his upcoming project with fellow 2008ighties producer Sani, The Sandridge Complex.

DOWNLOAD: Fonz-E Mak - Alex Is Awesome (prod. Sani)

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  • Kembe X (eating chicken bacon ranch sandwich)

    The title of this track is dedicated to my mans Alex Wiley (@Alex_Wiley), my nigga Emil (Fonz) heard his verse on my track "One" and lost his shit. Hence the title "Alex Is Awesome". Fonz-E starting to progress, good shit.

    Check the track "One" doe..

  • Chipz

    don't sleep...WAKE UP!....Fonz is that dude...

  • Fonz E is most def that dude tho!!! Peep the tape

  • Buddie O

    NIce post! fonz u on yo way