Random Acts Of F*ckery: Fallen Eagles Edition

blame it on Meka November 14, 2011

This is exactly how I’ve felt all year. Good grief. These dudes seem to be playing Chardee MacDennis: The Game of Games than actual football…

  • Truthfully

    Respect his passion for the game.

  • :P

    lol @ his username.

  • Chicago

    Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

  • Dude You’re Getting A Dell…and a Dub Sac

    I’d be pissed if i owned a Dell too.

  • los

    lmao andy benard “that was an overreaction…..”

  • charlesbrach

    Let’s Go Bills

  • lolz

    lol @ the CharDee MacDennis line

  • ThaTruth


  • damn and I’m a Vikings fan and I never get this mad

  • Frost


    Oh shit, im dyin’ over hear…..hahaha

  • The Eagles need to go back to true Green instead of their current wack-ass jade/dark green. Wackass logo. Go back to the Old School!!

  • a

    i put a thumbs down cuz im a real eagle fan and feel his pain… but i aint breakin shit ova it tho.. lol

  • DetoxDoesntExist

    “That fat ass stupid bitch, Andy Reed” Too good.

  • 50 Cool Points for “CharDee MacDennis” lol

  • bong

    5:18, hilarious

  • zahmoonduh

    but wait doe…the Colts are 0-10.
    let me que my video up right quick…FUCK!!!

  • zahmoonduh

    but wait doe…the Colts are 0-10.
    lemme que up my video……FUCK!!!!!

  • Benny Blanco from The BriX

    This shit was funny as fuck to me, I hate Philly.

    G-Men baby, they gonna bury the Eagirls next week. Another failure of a “dream team”. First the Heat, then the Red Sox & Phillies, now the Eagles.

  • And Won

    hahaha I love being a Birds fan. Eagles for life.

  • And Won

    Yo we need to get this guy on our o-line today!

  • LOUD

    8-1 baby 8 and fuckin 1!

  • NYCityREP


    Too Fucking Funny

  • You complain about sports & huff , puff , but wont
    complain about our rights slowly being taken away .


    we are sheeps .

  • uMad

    ^Bitch you look like a sheep

  • J5

    Robert from everybody loves raymond #nice

  • aggzworth

    LOL @ the Always Sunny reference

  • DCtree

    “Tommy you want some grits” 2:30 lmfao

  • nito

    hahahaha i am a cardinals fan(before the supper bowl). fuck if you guys want you can have kolb back i fucking hate that guy. i want DRC back :(

  • NeSS

    try bein a panthers fan

  • B-Line

    muthafucka has the madd cow disese. Stop eating cheeseburgers you fat fawk. The Eagles isn’t gonna raise your blood pressure nigga. The damn GRAPE Kool-Aid with 2 pounds of sugar in it will. Maybe this load of lard will play D-Line for the Eagles looks like he can eat a muthafucking O-Linemen anyway.

    But the one thing that this video proves besides that FAT PEOPLE are moddy as fuck, Is that the players don’t care as much as the hard core fan.

  • phantom

    i was dead at his face at the beginnin of the damn video. hil-fuckin-larious.

    respect his passion tho

  • james monday

    “im finna get high blood pressure” nigga u already got it!! fatass