For any dopegirlz (or dopeboyz?) who have checked Britney Spears live lately, y'all might notice she plays this video during Nicki's verse of the remix.


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  • Blazer

    i dnt think niggas realize that Nicki is the reason why girls are soo BAD if u Hatin on're a homo!

  • Shake

    ^^ you, my friend are an idiot. nicki is the reason all these chicks think they are barbies. bleeh.

  • why u so mad?

    shake is the reason why meka is gay ;)

  • truth hurts

    You have to admit that Nicki is busta rhymes with the flow. fuck lyrics

  • muk

    n e 1 gotta link for eligh therapy at 3 been searchin all fckn day?

  • gil windex

    this bitch. is. fake.

  • stanleyblood

    Who ever liked this shit is homo!

  • kenny

    nicki minaj is hott i wud suck the farts out of her ass
    yo chek out this dude knocking out a girls cat during a video shoot