Babies Wif Razors #20 been on repeat since I downloaded this joint.. Crazy

  • Pops

    Dope! Been waiting on more shit from Spit Gemz since y'all posted that video for Villainous. Shit is grimey. Reminds me of that 97-98 East Coast gutter shit

  • sicknin

    Two man teams have brought on some of the best music since the game started. From Method Man & Redman to Lil Wayne and Juelz Santana (in their primes), it’s hard to deny the power of two emcees joining forces. Shaz Ill York and Spit Gemz are great solo artists but when they came together to form The Opposition, they really outdid themselves and stuck to the vintage NY style.

  • Tony Alexan

    I aint seen this on the other bigblogs. These yankees dope. This a 2dopeboys group and cheebas hatin on dem. that rambo knife video the same men and that just crazy hard pappin. kickin it from Birmingham you rite yall. love yo

  • http://www.fucku2.com/ Pen Pointz

    Dudes got bars like crazy. Damm.

  • rebecca

    ya'll brotha's keep it ill ! this is the home of real hip-hop! much love and respect ~B