Naughty By Nature – Perfect Party f. Joe (Video)

blame it on Shake November 17, 2011

Treach, Vinnie and Joe hit my hometown for their idea of a perfect party.

  • ugh

    this upsets me, wtf is this? THIS AIN’T NAUGHTY

  • valence

    Souls of mischief are the only group I can think of that stayed dope. UGH expresses my thoughts exactly.

    Passport pimping? Are you kidding me?

  • valence

    Dope groups gone wack:
    Mobb Deep, the entire boot camp clik, Wu-tang (not wack, but they suck now), Naughty by Nature, Outkast via 3000, Black star, Crooked Lettaz, …

  • Van City

    ^ur a dumbass

  • Cage

    Those are my niggas, but this ain’t somethin i would bump… I couldve sworn i saw DJ paul in this video..

  • Beep

    That a pool party joint :D naughty aint the same cuz the era aint the same, nothing aint the same, they are not styling right now, just making joints that would play on radio and party too, however I aint enjoying this much, last year’s mixtape was cool, but this not :| i hope they fix this with their next joint.

  • dirtdawg

    ppl complaining on this one are the same that nod their head when tabloids used to compare Michael age 5 to Michael age 35 and say “man, he changed-he’s not one of us any more”
    i think it’s an alright track and they did not come off as fools

  • dj khaled is an arab

    its 2011 the music has changed

  • yeah ya’ll just saw this one off track and make longstanding judgements. Check this Naughty shit: