Young Guru On Statik Selektah’s Production, Just Blaze/DOOM LP (Video)

blame it on Shake November 17, 2011

During a Behind The Rhymes sit down, the DJ/engineer/producer extraordinaire shows his appreciate for Statik Selektah’s production (shown above), speaks on a mythical Just Blaze x DOOM album and shares his thoughts on DOOM and Madvillainy 2 (shown after the jump).


  • tbh

    Wouldn’t be surprised if this dude was selling a book soon.
    He seems to have a lot of video/interviews etc on these blogs lately. Trying to get his face out there more, because most of his career he’s remained behind the scenes. nahmean

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  • slim

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  • TekZilla

    No shots at Young Guru, his word is law as far as im concerned, but am I the only one that finds it funny that hes all about producers having a “signature sound” then praises Statik Selektah? Probably THE most derivative producer Ive ever heard.

  • ^^^^your trippin. statik has his own style of mixing that makes his beats his own. not too mention when he flips a record, hes usually not the first one to do it, and he rarely does a carbon copy. not to mention the scratches he puts down creates the concept 9xs outta 10.

  • TekZilla

    Please explain how his style of mixing is different from anyone elses, furthermore how does this make it “his own style”? Go ahead Ill wait. And you pretty much just agreed with me with your last 2 points. Yes he does flip samples that have been used to death, and are you saying him using scratches to create concepts is at all original? I think Premo would have something to say about that.

  • White Mike

    Ya’ll can talk about Statik’s individual beats all you want, but you cannot argue that he is a workhorse and puts out a lot of strong projects. This new album he did with Action Bronson is great.

  • when you understand exactly what you want to hear from the record, and then you create it by manipulating it. you have made it your own sound. young guru is a great example of an artist, even tho he’s an engineer. its statiks style because its his ears doing the critiquing, no one elses and hes thinking the same thing guru is “make my own sound”

    no scratching isnt original, haha. but how you use the tools of hip hop is. there can only be one hi-tek, and you aint him.

  • exhibit c

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  • Rich Truby
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  • Heinz

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  • LUDA

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  • TekZilla

    So lemme get this straight, as long as your ears are the one doing the critiquing (of your own music), that makes it your own style?? Everyone uses their own ears when they produce so what are you even saying? I dont disagree that Statik is a work horse that puts out a lot of material (same with lil b, but im not singing his praises either), but in no way is that a measure of his skill, ability, or success. Just Blaze released 2 beats at the end of the year that made everyone else look like children, so I dont buy into that. Even though I am looking forward to the Action Bronson project only because Action is one of the best doing it right now.

  • j

    if you can identify it as a statik beat, which you always can, then that shit has its own style you faggot

  • Run

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  • your ears are what makes the music. and when you get to a certain point such as >10,000 hours of beatmaking you can manipulate the sounds in any way you want. Statik is at that level. therefor what he makes is his own.

    and him being a workhorse has lot to say about his skill, ability, and success. hes not a gimmick like lil b. he makes straight hip hop. and to do that with success you have to be at a high skill level. not to mention to put out quantity of quality music you have to be a skilled musician.

  • White Mike

    Even if ya’ll say Statik’s sound is “derivative” you can definitely pick out a Statik beat within 5 seconds, so I’d say he definitely has his own style. Plus he’s a beast with the work ethic.