A (2)Dope Interview w/ Kendrick Lamar pt.1 (Video)

blame it on Shake November 18, 2011

While out in Miami, we sat down with Kendrick Lamar at the Fontainebleau hotel for a (2)Dope Interview. Passing along questions from the dopeboyz/girlz that frequent the site. In part 1 Kendrick speaks on the BET Cypher, if there was any pressure while recording Section.80, how he stays humble and retains his beliefs while being in the spotlight and how touring has affected his relationships with his close friends and family.

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  • Someone needs to ask him about the project with Cole

  • ^^ everybody does. and the answer is always “its coming” or “they working”

  • $$$

    Good questions.

  • MyFiddyCents

    Just ask the J. Cole Collab question already!, He’s a potential great la di da.. but we just wanna know about the music


  • $$$

    Why don’t we listen to the other music Kendrick and J.Cole have saturated us with the past 6 months instead of asking about a project that everyone is going to say didn’t live up to the hype when it drops anyway?

  • oddtooker

    nah niggahh YOu didnt live up to the hype when your momma dropped you from her overaries!
    those guys are a breath of fresh air

  • tomcruise

    shoulda quoted the author of the questions.

  • $$$

    I wasn’t taking shots at either artist if you thought so.

  • Pugz

    Kind of boring questions. I know he probably won’t give up much but I really want to know about the debut album and such…

  • Melo15

    Kenrick is the epitome of tupac in our own generation… everything he says has meaning

  • Nah bruh.

    kendrick shouldnt do an album with j.cole. kendricks miles ahead of j.cole..

  • A$tro

    shake i really hope to see the question about the change in his vocal delivery and what made him want to change the pitch of his voice like on The EP and O.D it was a high pitch voice and on Section 80 and newer song releases his voice is really deep???

  • “Kind of boring questions. I know he probably won’t give up much but I really want to know about the debut album and such…”

    i wanted to stay away from the typical questions that he gets asked 918205915 times. although we did get into the album on part 2. just gotta edit a few things and itll be up early next week.

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    so many dick riders it ridicolous man hes kool but hes not as great as all the blogs try to make him seem ppl fall into hype so easy……if anything i juat want to hear about a black hippy mixtape or something lol

  • All I want this nigga to do is drop temptation and I’ll be set till VILLAIN drops.

  • Polar

    Yo Shake, thanks for asking K.Dot my question. I felt that with indy lables becoming more like the wild west, a lot of the new rappers coming up turn from humble & conscious to pretentious & conventional once they get their foot in the door. Glad to see him stay true to himself.

    BTW…Did he say anything about doing a show in Alaska? Lol!

  • who cares

    Wow I never actually seen a Kendrick interview, dude is a real humble man.
    And when he’s talkin’ bout “surrounding yourself with honest people, and not a bunch of yes men” that’s something Em needs to do. He has all these people who just say yes that’s dope because it’s him, but if they heard someone else say it, it would be whack as fuck.
    Anyway dope interview. Can’t wait for part 2

  • sweetjs

    a k dot/ j. cole collab album would be the greatest thing in hiphop history. fact

  • wtf

    very boring questions, he even seemed bored