Young Jeezy – I Do f. Jay-Z & Andre 3000 [CDQ/No Tags]

blame it on Meka November 18, 2011

And just like that, the (tagged) version of Jeezy’s collaboration with Jigga and 3 Stacks is here. I’m sure this was the one of the tracks everybody was anticipating the most from TM103. Thoughts? Opinions? Bueller? PEA$ UPDATE: Look ma, no tags.

DOWNLOAD: Young Jeezy – I Do f. Jay-Z & Andre 3000 [CDQ/No Tags] | Mediafire
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  • OH BABY.

  • David

    Didn’t Complex say Jay had a horrible or something like that? I thought they all did their thing. Dope track, I’m gonna need that CDQ quick.

  • David

    Didn’t Complex say Jay had a horrible or something like that? I thought they all did their thing. Dope track, I’m gonna need that CDQ quick.

  • damnnnnsonnn

    3stacks took a shit on ’em

    who is really the best alive? c’mon now dre closing out after jigga? (2)dope

  • balrog

    Twista used this sample on his KamiKaze album :\

  • Is it just me, or was Dre’s verse out like 2 years ago? I swear to god I had that shit on my Zune (back when people had Zunes)

  • Ether’d

    3 atacks > jay

  • Malik


    Yeah, I know I’ve heard that a while back when he was dropping guest verses and freestyles over everyone’s tracks a couple years back.

  • JZA

    @farch indeed the 3 stacks verse leaked a long time ago. @damnnnnsonnn PREACH IT! 3 stacks the GOAT.

  • Come on now, I believe 3 Stacks is by the far the most underrated.. but Hov had the best verse. His wordplay makes you have to run it back. Hov & Jeezy talking about Coke, Dre talking about a stripper.. His verse was cold but not better than Hovs..

  • Geezy

    Sweet song heres the Untagged version

  • muk

    yelawolf radioactive leaked- its a bit of a let down

  • Looking Like A Louie V Mannequin

    Lol 3 stacks is a fucking genius, nigga verse dropped years back and niggas still spazzing over it. Haha

  • daman

    Andre didnt get the concept of the song.Jay & Jeezy were talking about street life. Hov obviously had the best. He was talking about coke the entire time. You would have to rewind that verse. “Let’s get the pot & make a baby”

  • LEX

    I liked this better when it was just a Dre verse.. That chorus is absolute shit. Call me crazy, but I don’t see what the fuss is over Jeezy.

  • Billy

    3 stacks>>

    jeezy…has been going in…his album is gonna b great.

    @Farch < yea 3stacks verse leaked thought it was a verse supposed to be on big bois album but i guess it was for this.

  • marty mcfly

    If the song is about using coke as a metaphor then how does Dre verse even make sense? You know im gonna say Jay had the best verse but on this song having the best verse was too easy because the subject matter is what Jay specializes in, double entendres.

  • Billy

    daman< i dont think they made it together in the studio…also jeezy wuda asked him to re do it if he thought andres verse was off…how cud dre n jeezys verse go over dres head? -__-
    also got the 1st two verses were about coke on the first listen.

  • jimmy cracked corn

    for those who are wonder…yes three stacks verse is recycled from andre 3000’s track called “i do” go figure
    but it uses the same beat and all that

  • inspector

    “an i aint have to open my eyes when i was cookin that”
    “first night we met i caught a contact”

    “lets tie the knot lets grab us a pot lets make a baby”
    “i jay z take this unlawful lady to have and to hold till the task force role”

    its about coke. dre verse just different is all.

  • boi


    Hov verse was trash…

    I bet jay heard andre verse which is old and said WHAT YOU WANT ME TOO DO NY… hahahaha

    And one more thing…

    Rappers can u please stop saying ”Life is a Bitch”…

    Im like why is jay saying that shit nigga you rich ass fuck!!!!

    And plus wayne overdid that line so much it became toilet paper

    so please stop it 5

  • Amp

    This entire track should belong to Andre (best flow with song in my opinion), no diss to Jeezy cause i’m a fan….but I’m ready for a new Outkast Album

  • Amp

    Oh yeah, and to “FARCH” above…..YES!!! This track….or atleast 3 Stacks verse…was out like almost 2 years ago because I had it on my iPod video back in the day, Lol

  • Cubano

    Well jeezy aint every going to have a better verse than anybody that goes without saying lol jay and 3 stacks went in though

  • Eye

    3stacks verse came out like 2 yrs ago

  • marty mcfly

    @Inspector yeah I get it, Dre did his thing but really I think this subject matter was predictable and having Jayz and 3stakes on the same song should be about something more powerful then being married to the streets.

  • rell

    my nigga 3stacks had the best verse dont get me wrong jay killed it 2 but by now niggas should know better than to hop on a track with dre that nigga shit on anybody he on a track wit.

  • bayAREA


  • daman

    Ya know, i feel like everything that Nas or 3 stacks puts out, ppl are gonna say its great. 3 stacks verse is not that good. Nothing special honestly. Tell me something that he said was cold? Jay-Z Was the one who said the cold shit

  • I’m not giving Dre props for shit til he drops a solo rap album!

  • dez

    SMFH this 3000 second time shitin on jay(check the song 30 something) they both in my top 5 but this is why andre is the best lyricst left in the game.

  • @boi you high if you think Jay verse is trash.. Dre had some nice lines but overall he verse wasn’t his best..

  • Protege

    damn this is some blueprint sounding jay. recently all hes done is his watch the throne flow. and will yall hope off 3 stacks dick already. yall the same people still waiting on detox n shit.


    andre verse > jay verse > the beat > jeezy verse > jeezy hook

    C’mon Son!!!!!!

  • rell

    niggas gotta stop comparing dre & jay.. jay respect 3k not only as a rapper but as a artist as he stated several times in numerous tracks.this is not their 1st time on a track together 3k on “kingdom come” & jay on “speakerboxx/the love below” you niggas need to get it together b.

  • boi



  • @boi you’re clearly a dickhead..

  • Master P Mixtape > @boi

  • chad

    ^^^ Andre is respected by all his peers in hip-hop.closing out “take care” after wayne. and then closing this track after hov.they are livin legends & i would sell a few of my family members for a andre solo album.

  • boi



  • mike

    Andre need to stop playin we need a solo & another outkast album foo.

  • marty mcfly

    ^^^No what we need is a naked HOV picture, honestly that’s what I’m waiting on.

  • marty mcfly

    I heard about Dre and not really sure about Jeezy, but the HOV pic would really help me sleep at night.

  • the realest

    just bcuz jeezy and hov are talking about coke, doesnt mean thats the concept of the song. the concept of the song is saying “i do.” to w.e it is your saying it to. hov and jeezy are street niggaz, so of course they’re gonna metaphorically say “i do.” to the streets. just sayin. not hard to tell.



  • MyFiddyCents

    Jeezy building this one up and in the end it was just a recycled beat and 3stacks verse from way back.

    Hov verse was dope and Andre’s verse was good but it just doesn’t fit the song even if it’s the original verse.

    I don’t usually check for Jeezy so this ain’t really a let down for me.

  • realrap

    @the realest

    andre & big boi are the real street niggas outta atlanta go listen to their 1st albums.just because niggas rap about being in the streets dont mean they really did that shit or are really street niggas.thats all that nigga hov & jeezy rap about.dre aint gotta rap about that just to fit the concept of a song because what he was spittin about fit the song perfect. that nigga a real mc

  • Derek

    Hove does it Again.

  • Derek


  • Derek

    Who the faggot said he waiting on a naked hov pic? go kill yoself you fruit booty ass faggot.

  • Jaffae

    I agree with “the realest” on the concept of the song. They all locked in tho. this is crazy. i can’t wait for TM103! this is definitely Blueprint-esque too.

  • Cameron

    This song was good but it was lazy. They took an old 3K verse slapped it on an old beat with an overused sample (Overnight Celebrity). If I were Jay I would have asked for a different song.

  • Timmy

    Jay’s verse wack??? Complex DICKHEADS!!! I wanna get MARRIED TO THIS SONG!!! BLOODY!!! Been waiting almost 2 years for this!!!

  • the realest

    @ realrap

    being a street nigga doesnt make you a real mc, for one. two, andre is FROM the streets. big differene in being FROM the streets and being a street nigga. being a street niggaz means your projecting a gangster-based persona rapping about drugs gangs murder etc. but there are niggaz who are FROM the streets but not street niggaz. like a andre, common, jay elec, q-tip, etc.

    and andre is in my top fav mcs. so im up on my nigga by the way. dont have to tell me about him

  • xyz123

    This shit is dope.. Old verse or not.. It’s a dope final product.. And It’s funny that Jay is in this song, and Kanye used this same sample for Overnight Celebrity for Twista

  • yeah

    This doesn’t sound anything like the Twista version

  • Johnny Blaze

    3 stacks needs to stop getting on chick tracks, i just want to hear him kick hard rhymes, not girls shit.

    Also the hook could be better, that “i do i do i do i do” gets annoying, cant blast this on the block cuz of that lol

  • Darko

    Yeah this was originally a 3 stacks song I got it on my ipod. But its cool with jeezy and Jay but doesnt seem like it meshes properly idk imma bump it a few more times and see how it sounds

  • realrap

    @the realest

    stfu i tell you what i wanna tell ya witcha bitch ass

  • I think Andre bodied it the most:

    “Nothing’s more attractive than a heavy praying (preying) woman.
    To a him (hymn) and those and them been defecating on me.”

    You have God fearing women, who pray in church as the gospel sings. They are attractive. And you have the bad bitches in the club who prey on you while dancing to hymns (music). Either way, women in the world from either side of the aisle continue to drive their man crazy and shit on them.

    Now THAT’S a clever line. Jay-Z’s verse was dope, but it’s very easy to just pick up on. With Andre 3000, you always have to read between the lines. You almost have to study his lyrics to a point because they are that layered. That’s why he’s the best to me. Peace and love.

  • SMF

    well done Jeezy.

  • “Yeah this was originally a 3 stacks song I got it on my ipod.”

    it was always jeezy’s song, andre’s verse just leaked a long time back.

  • Darko

    @Shake ok that Makes sence that just tells me that Jeezy slacked on it for a while or Jay just got his verse done, everyone always waits on him. But Dre coulda made the song so much better if he kept it dolo JS

  • Darko

    My first time seein 106 & park in months and Nas is on the countdown Dope!

  • steelz202

    That shit was boring, the production and chorus did it in?

  • Angelo

    Niggas is crazy saying Jay’s verse is dope… there is nothing “Rewind” material within his verse! 3 Stacks old verse absolutely shits on Jay’s verse!

  • Tino

    Jeezy verse was dope how can yall not give jeezy props that verse was ill “In these unlucky streets youll be my lucky charm” talkin bout a brick lol i fuck wit jeezy

  • CrispusAttucks

    41 of yall muthafuckaz are unamerican Al Qaeda members

  • CrispusAttucks

    This shit Dope ….by the way

  • ThaTruth

    niggas comparing rappers like pokemon cards smh. Anybody could fuckin rap ! I bet my 3 stacks could out rap your Snowman GTFOH !

  • Rijiaij

    “And It’s funny that Jay is in this song, and Kanye used this same sample for Overnight Celebrity for Twista”

    I dont see how that’s funny or even coincidental

  • Leslie

    I love this!!! Classic Jeezy! Can’t wait for TM-103 to finally be on the streets!

  • brandon


  • I listened to this record, and now I need a nap. A verse from Drake would have lightened up the mood of this song, and all his songs sound like audible suicide notes.

  • ^ This

  • M.

    Go to youtube and search “Andre 3000 – I Do”. I’ve had that 3Stacks track in my iTunes since August 2010. Cmon Jeezy….

  • Musikfiend

    I’m a huge fan of 3000 & Jay & Jay had the better verse. This was actually one of 3000’s weaker verses (only b/c he’s set the bar so high). Now he bodied that verse on Drake’s album.

  • Nolan
  • dylan

    you drake fans will never understand andre 3000 lyrics them bitches will go over your simple minded heads everytime. this nigga verse damn near 3 years old & still killed that nigga hov on this shit bow in the presence of greatness lil bitch.

  • Nito

    Replace jeezy for collage dropout kanye and switch up the hook and this would have been perfect for me.

  • dfgdf

    I love when HOV gets in this mode..These soulful beats are made just for him..verse was ILL

  • timestretch

    god damn jay is not good any more.

  • GR

    3 Stacks is the only one holding this beat’s pants up.


  • Billy

    Go to youtube and search “Andre 3000 – I Do”. I’ve had that 3Stacks track in my iTunes since August 2010. Cmon Jeezy….

    yea cos its his fault that sum 1 stole the recording and leaked it?

  • j

    classic joint right here

  • You can’t really say 3 stacks didn’t get the concept of the song if his verse leaked two years ago…

  • Marty mcfly

    I’d love for jay-z to shit on me. R.I.P B.I.G

  • o’realy

    Great tune, but i’m a little let down that the beat and andre’s verse are old as hell. heard that like a year ago.


  • jeezy career and hovito career is fucking over………..


    niggas comparing rappers like pokemon cards smh. Anybody could fuckin rap ! I bet my 3 stacks could out rap your Snowman GTFOH !
    ThaTruth said this on November 18th, 2011 at 8:58 pm

    3stacks is psychic type
    jeeze is normal type
    and jay-z is bug type a fucking caterpie

  • T

    Overnight Celebrity sample right??

  • j

    seriously tho? best verse goes to Hov..fuck what yall sayin.

  • ray

    dope song

  • alex

    one of the best hip hop collabo ever

  • Ernesto

    Im sure I have heard this beat (speeded up) years ago in a rap song, anyone knows which song had it? (its not overnight celebrity for sure)

  • nea