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    R.I.P. Heavy D. You will be forever missed!

  • turftalka

    R.I.P. to the legend Heavy D.

    *Plays "Don't Curse" and reminisces*

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  • Dashboard

    Who will thumb this down I know assholes

  • SHOWMAN3000

    I can't believe you're gone Heavy D. You were one of my favorite MC's growing up. I swear on everything. You 'were da man' like your song said for real. People wanted to be like you. Personality dripping through your tapes, cd's, videos and music!

    One year I bought some Heavy D & the Boyz tapes just so I could catch up on your musical archive. My aunt borrowed my favorite or most memorable tape/album of them all "Blue Funk" She PROMISED me that she'd return it... and... I'm still waiting on my tape.

    Well through your music (and a lot of great artists at that time) it helped me relax, look forward to something when I was lost and going through so much hardship. I thank you Heavy D for giving your fans/supporters the energy of your music which enstilled confidence and escapism that turned into belief in one self.

    I never thought that Heavy D would pass because I was attached to his era and I still am. Well you, Trouble T Roy (of Heavy D & the Boyz) and MJ are chilling now; so "JAM" What a career you had.

  • DJ Daz-One

    Peaceful Journey forever plays in my memory

  • dadukee

    the last quote was dope
    "We are not because Heavy D died, we are here because he lived"

  • Ya Grandpa’s Backhand

    Complications rom pneumonia???? The brother have aids??

  • Rio$

    im surprised OBOMBA didn't deliver a drone strike, im sure there were innocent ppl right? and kids? obomba's favorite targets.....
    & RIP Heavy D

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  • slumerican

    totally illuminati...RIP Heavy D

  • http://triangularmindrape.tumblr.com/ Fuckyouayme

    Why do people care so much about Heavy D's death but nobody even gave a dog's fart about Guru's? Heavy D was to rap what Chris Brown is to rap.

    It's sad he died n' all but come the fuck on: how the president pay homage to this nigga?!

  • SHOWMAN3000

    You obviously are delusional to say Heavy D was Chris to rap back then! You moron! They both were elite rappers period! Stop comparing apples to oranges.
    It's sad that Guru's death wasn't publicized like Heavy D's but Guru's popularity wasn't as big as Heavy that's the only reason why. Angry ass n*gga!