YMCMB’s Annual Turkey Giveaway (Video)

blame it on Miss_Peas November 20, 2011

The Cash Money team managed to give back to the community that gave to them with their 17th annual Thanksgiving day turkey giveaway held in New Orleans. Always dope to see Hip Hop giving back.

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  • Killmatic

    how can anybody hate on that? :/

  • Frank

    ^ my thoughts exactly. watch some blogger loser find the bad in this.

  • h8rzgonnah8

    ^^cosign @ both comments.

  • Nikki Rowe Warrior Swag!

    Finally they give back to the community! Even tho their music is terrible, this is a good cause, they should give back more often.

  • Dizzle

    You know what’s even doper?!? Seeing regular 9-5 working stiffs “give back” by volunteering at food banks, tutoring kids, and mentoring.

    I’m not nearly as impressed when people worth millions shell out a few bucks for a self serving “Look at me, I give back!” tax write off. Big effin’ deal.

    Lauding rich people who do stuff like this, and not doing sh*t to “give back” with your own God given talents is the personification of why black folks stay losin’.

  • Ermac

    ^ cosign on that except that shit about black folks stay losing fuck u talking bout dude? That just sound ignorant

  • Dareoo

    @Nikki Rowe Warrior Swag and @dizzle how the fuck do you 2 bloggers know how much charity work these people do? I love how you see one video and just recklessly conclude that this is the first and only time they gave back. “big fucking deal” how about fuck you you self righteous asshole. Now a nigga should is supposed to feel guilty for giving away turkeys at thanksgving just because he got a fortune? somehow that makes his act less generous and honorable.

    You’re probably one of those bitter 99%ers that resent ALL rich people, even the ones that try to support your ungrateful ass.

    Too many bitter motherfuckers in america these days. just say thank you then go the fck back where your miserable ass came from. Its thanksgiving and they gave away meals, what the fuck else do you want you crybaby. you’ll NEVER be satisfied.

  • Jerry P

    @ Dizzle what kind of person receives a gift then says “You know what would be even DOPER??…. if you weer POOR and then you gave gave me this shit. The fact that you have money and you’re sharing with people makes it mean nothing!”. You sound the most ungrateful toolbag on the planet. wow nigga you’re a real asshole. lol

  • Crash

    ^niggas is republicans?

  • Dizzle

    By 9-5 working stiffs, I mean regular people with day jobs. Like most of the people who read this blog. Not poor folks of little means. All of US can and should be volunteering instead of sitting by and giving Baby Williams props for handing out some turkeys and slapping YMCMB on some youth basketball jerseys.

    And THAT’S why black folks STAY losing.

  • Doreo

    @ dizzle i know what you meant by 9-5 workers…. whatever you meant you’re still undermining the act of giving based on the giver.. which makes you a piece of shit.

    and it amuses me that you pass judgment and marginalize your entire raced based on something that reflects on individuals. I know countless black “regular folk” who give back to their communities and work non-profit organizations. stop projecting your own shortcomings onto your race. they’re not you and you dont represent them. YOU stay losing and now youre unwarrantably trying to drag them down with you. misery loves company.

  • TheDog

    Wait…doesn’t it say 17th ANNUAL…meaning 17 years?!?! why the fuck niggaz hatin when they been doin this for somebodies whole life span

  • Druggid

    The fact that this has been going on for 17 years and has received very little media coverage makes me think it’s a pretty legit attempt at giving back to the community. While most of what these guys do anymore is media sluttery this seems to be an honest community service. Everyone needs to calm the fuck down a little, everything Dizzle said is pretty accurate; rich people ‘donating’ in an attempt to get media coverage and tax write-offs is no more genuine than a convict picking up trash on the side of the road, except the convict has to wear the jumpsuit so everyone knows whats up.

  • YUNG

    So basically people are saying if your rich or famous you basically shouldnt give back because it not genuine anyway? GTFO how can you find a negative in this, its probably more than any of you bum motherfuckers will be doing this thanksgiving… “17th Annual” pretty established and genuine if you ask me. YMCMB doing a great thing here

  • K Hart

    haters gonna hate bro