Common – Celebrate (prod. No I.D.)

blame it on Shake November 21, 2011

We got a preview the other day. Now here goes the full version of the latest track from The Dreamer, The Believer which is dropping on December 20th (pre-orders available now).

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  • N


  • Looking Like A Louie V Mannequin

    Common Sense, rare form

  • A Retard


  • Carter

    Yawn this shit is trash

    him, gay-z, and nas should stop rapping they are dusty as fuck.

    leave it to the new generation j cole, drake, wiz, mac, big sean, wale,,, your time is up!!!

  • A Retard

    I stand corrected. The guy who commented after me is the real retard.

  • Akademik

    @ Carter, If that’s the case, why show how much of a dick rider you are by even commenting on his music? If the forementioned rappers are the only ones you listen to, then why are you even on this page? Knock it off. Common is a legend. Respect is due…

  • Br1an K1dd

    Well tell this new generation to make some quality music. There are only a handful i trust from the new generation. Big Krit….Kendrick Lamar….J. Cole……Curren$y thats bout it. Other than that I listen to the underground underground artist. And you put Wiz and Mac to hold this generation. I mean I wish these dudes nothing but success but they need to bring more to the table. Don’t even mention Big Sean with that garbage album he put out. Anyways, keep doing ya thang Common.

  • who cares

    Not diggin’ the hook, but I like his verses
    @Carter while I agree with you on Jay-Z. Nas & Common are still going strong so knock that shit off.

  • wtf did this nigga say?

    ^^^Yea I agree So much more, Wait for me and Not good enough are Ass. SMH niggas sleeping on Sean again, what have you dropped for music? Not a damn thing

  • oddtooker

    all i can say is… BIG SEAN!
    sounds to close to his style of music.
    feels like a knock off of MY LAST

  • Carter

    hahahahaha!!! you gotta be kidding me! How you gonna diss Big Sean’s albums when Commons last album was the biggest dud in history!!!

  • wtf did this nigga say?

    @Br1an K1dd

  • NoName

    This Monday actually good so far with some common and album shaping itself out like Be now that album was dope also

  • Blah Blah

    Im iddgin the Kenny Loggins Celebrate me home sample!

  • Jayy

    @oddtooker that’s because No I.D. produces all their tracks you asshat

  • Zero Kool

    dope beat, alright rhymes, terrible hook and terrible vocals at the end. I usually love his music but lately its hit or miss. The last album was weak as fuck so I thought he might want to step it up. I want to hear more be/finding forever but with a progressive spirit and some stripped down asr10 kanye beats mixed with “hungry” no id bass kicks. Just my opinion folks, just my opinion.


    @oddtoker NO ID produc all of this Album AND A lot of the Big Sean album probably around the same time so sonicaly they might have some track similarities

    This album is probably going to flop hard. Kanye has left NO ID to make the beats for his artist while he just works on his and Jay’s stuff thats why Consequence was so pissed. And yes I know Common not even going thru good Music this time. Common lbum before this was all Skate board P because Kanye was busy smh.

  • kanye east


  • This song is sick! No ID with an epic beat, and Common murdered it just like usual. The Dreamer, The Believer will be album of the year no doubt. Click my name to check out my blog if you are looking for another source for new music. Thanks.

  • Yo

    This is the worst song we’ve heard so far from this album both in terms of quality of rap and beat. It’s a 6/10 at best.

  • Now this is some dope HIP HOP MUSIC!!! Common I salute ya! No ID got that soul ish on da real……while ya’ll waiting on Common new album to come out I got some ish to hold ya over………..Download my FREE album M.I.L.F. (Music I Love Forever) and mixtape Scattered Abroad…..wit my music you got dope lyrics, dope beats and GREAT concepts…..

  • Nikki Rowe Warrior Swag!

    @Highlight I like the sound but your voice just doesn’t match! Lyrics are nice but that voice……

    Anyways, its sad to see the haters at this time, it just shows hip hop fan are becoming too narrow-minded & ignorant.

    @Carter: Wiz? Mac? Drake? You fucked up. Obviously you are at the age between 11-14 from your taste (you’re probably a YMCMB & OF fan also.) & from how stupid you are. You need to fall back kick because you sure as don’t have a good taste in music. And if you’re just gonna reply with some stupid ass response, here are some artists/groups that you more then likely won’t understand because their lyrics will go over your head: Big K.R.I.T., Black Hippy, Elite & Omen (more talented than J. Cole), Stalley, Sir Michael Rocks(Mikey Rocks), HaLo, Actual Proof & theres many more but I would just be wasting my time.

  • Mohammed

    Dope song. Feel good jam but the hook could’ve been better. The beat is so nice He been 4 for 4 so far. Maybe this gon be AOTY tbh. Common bringing the heat.

  • Mohammed

    @Nikki Rowe Warrior Swag! Wait did you say Omen is more talented than J. Cole? I don’t know about that. I think there both equally talented and Cole has more than held is own on songs with Omen. Mama Told Me(he outshined Omen on this song don’t lie) and Enchanted for example

  • U

    Is it just me, or does this production sound like old Ant (Atmosphere)? Obviously the hook/chorus/perspective are completely different styles, but Common’s first verse rode the beat almost exactly the way I would picture Ant doing it. That’s not bad either, actually it was the hook and chorus that killed the song for me I think.

  • Seif

    Rarely or barely even buy new music CDs. But this and Nas’ are on my wishlist.

  • U

    ^Before somebody jumps on it, I meant “the way I would picture SLUG doing it”.

  • xyz123

    wtf?? @Carter said Jay, Nas, and Common need to hang it up??? These three and Kanye are the reason real hip hop still exists today.. Show some damn respect to the legends, and re-up on your history…

  • epic

    Is it me or would Pharoahe Monch fit on this perfectly?

  • “Carter” Is a fucking dumbass

  • All the guys he named suck, except Cole & Wale, who are just OK, Common is one of the greatest, So is Nas, Jay-Z’s new music sucks, but he’s still a legend

  • @Carterfag Universal Mind Control>>>Any album Any Of Those Rappers have EVER Released

  • Marrried2TheGame

    lol at u guys feeding the troll its obvious wat he is doing lol

    its probably shake writing those comments so it can have people replying lol

  • whateveriguess

    This is the type of music i can only see Common making. He needs to only make this like soft Hip/hop stuff. Its chill. If i wanna listen to hard rap, i can listen to someone else.

  • ThaTruth

    Common should of kept the female vocalist on the hook and get rid of that dude because he sound too fucking corny for a hook like that smh . I want to know how many niggas was in the studio to cosign that hook because that shit horrible.

  • dnltuk

    What in this world sounds better than No I.D. on keys and Common lacing dope as bars on top of it?? If you don’t listen to real hip-hop, what the fuck are you doing with yourself?????

  • ThaTruth

    ^^^ If you a fan of Music in all genre Then you will Know that NO ID sample from Kenny Loggins on this song and did not play no damn Keys !

  • Spike

    Another banger. I thought the hook wasn’t bad either. This album is shaping up to be dope.

  • These children dissing the legends and defending clowns like Big Sean are just the essence of naivety. They don’t don’t know any better.

  • washcloth: the son of Towelie

    Remember that No I.D. produced both this and My Last. They sound nothing alike though. Meh.

  • NO ID is a beast. common was ill on this. but you can’t compare a legend to a new nigga. big sean is wack with NO ID beats.

  • alex

    fuck the politics just DOPE