• http://www.youtube.com/user/zAhLbeRG jones

    hahah Mike is the king. respect

  • who cares

    Yo this is almost a month old

  • Ras

    this is almost 2 monthswhy tf you posting it now lol?

  • Ras

    this is almost 2 months old why you only posting it now lol?

  • http://refinedears.tumblr.com K-Saliya

    its posted cause that shit is still mad funny.... check out my blog for some hot new tracks and some classic material you HAVE TO HEAR!

    1992 - Premier & Too $hort >>> go check out RefinedEars!

  • JAyP

    its people like Ras that make you cant even enjoy a video because they are more worried about when the video came out WHO GIVES A FUCK WHEN IT CAME OUT?!!

    other than that Tyson is hilarious!