• Detroit89

    El Prez is dope, but I can't stand Yung Nate

  • officer ricky

    I wish i could be myself and make good music without telling lies it's not good for my health i get headaches always being in character anyway this is hot

  • Toby

    Why are they trying to create mainstream music already? You ain't going to get a following with this shit, that is later exploited to transfer you into commercial pop-rap, smh. This song is basic lyricism, zero subject matter with a weak-ass catchy hook. Both these guys should me embarrassed. Yung Nate fell the fuck off since he hung with CH, and this El Prez, who I heard good things about, just seems like your typical 'fake it until you make it', weed rapping rapper.

  • http://www.virginliberation.com Jay

    Love the gear http://www.virginliberation.com Reppin HARD kill it fellas!

  • El Prez

    If you think I'm a "fake" come to the Woood and show me. #LEADERSH!T.

  • http://twitter.com/theGRkid theGRkid


    You've obviously never listened to any El Prez before.... dumbass. He's been doing his thing for a few years now.