Amber Rose x Smirnoff (Video)

blame it on Meka November 22, 2011

As a fan of most things alcoholic, I’ll have to say that this commercial is a bit over the top for a brand of vodka that’s, well, kinda low-end in my eyes. Plus, I don’t want my vodka tasting like something a kid got in their bags during Halloween anyways.

  • Its Not All About You

    Meka you fool, its for the bitches, they love that shit. if you wanted your vodka like that, it would seriously discredit your manhood.

  • yeah, its cool and all that you said you’re a fan of things alcoholic, but lets get real here man: don’t point fingers and call things ‘low end’ when it comes to vodka. If you’re truly a fan of things alcoholic, give this a read and then maybe you’ll get a better understanding for what I’m talking about:

  • :0 i honestly never heard this girl speak until now. why is she famous again?

  • loff


  • Cloud 9

    Only A matter till somebody starts the punchlines about her. ahh i can hear lil wayne now lol

  • 48 Hour Day

    As long as it gets me smashed, I couldnt give a fuck about what the brand is and who they’ve got promoting it…

  • deathlyhallowspt2

    lmao at meka calling smirnoff low end, are you fucking kidding me, you are a victim of faggotism, you don’t know shit about alcohol you prob drink whatever rappers are paid to rap about, bet your idea of good vodka is over priced grey goose. keep paying for the shitty stuff… smirnoff is top notch always will be.

  • twenty3

    firstly why is this on this site… and secondly smirnoff is maybe 1 or 2… but probably 1 rung above the shittest of the shittest when it comes to vodka.

  • Koonta kentay

    Who the fuck cares what u think faggot Meka lol. You probably think ciroc and shit like dat is “high end” just b/c a rapper endorsed it. I myself will drink any type of fuckin alcohol as long as it gets me wasted in the end. Who gives a shit about low end? Just pour a redbull into it and all that shit is the same..

    Bitch ass blogging niggas, don’t act like u got class b/c u don’t drink smirnof LOL

  • D

    Jesus fucking H Christo, C-sec is full of absolute RETARDS. Much like how Smirnoff is ABSOLUTE vodka, oh hang on….. it’s not. Anyway it’s Mek’s blog and he post prettty much anything he wants. You don’t like it, go fuck yourself in a corner. Brandy drinker in peace.

  • mark

    ^^Tell em why u mad son

  • Oguzhan

    Why is she famous?

  • Cage

    Grey goose is only $30 for a fifth… You broke ass niggas, pay the extra 10 bucks.. its way better than smirnoff… straight rookies

  • smh

    ^ you dumb ass lame, smirnoff dropped they prices to like 10 bucks, and besides as previous posts have already stated, why pay $20 bucks more for something that does the same thing and taste marginally better?

  • deathlyhallowspt2

    except it dosen’t taste marginally better, no one, i can’t stress this enough, NO ONE drank grey goose til it started showing up in rap videos, smirnoff is an award winning vodka… there marketing is so good they don’t need to feature it in music videos:O

  • asdfghjkl

    smirnoff is possibly the weakest vodka i’ve drank

    dont know wtf deathlyhallowspt2 is tombot when he said its top notch lmfao

  • s

    Anyone who thinks all vodka does the same job should try getting out of bed after a night drinking Boriskov


  • realtalk©

    The ‘whipped’ part was referring to Wiz right?
    Dat nigga pussy whipped by this tennis ball lookin ass hoe..

  • Z

    shit is low end. if yinz dont like it dont read what he has to say. you fools bitch n bitch about opinions that you cannot help but read. negus winning