Unreleased Pimp C Verse To Be Featured On T.I.’s New Album

blame it on Shake November 22, 2011

According to producer Caviar, Tip has a never before heard verse from the late Pimp C that will be included on his upcoming album, Trouble Man.

I have a song on T.I.’s new album featuring Pimp C, which is one of his last verses that he did before he passed away. So Tip was sitting on it, but he got caught up and went to jail. But he told me ‘Yo Cavie, keep that sh*t on ice and we rolling with it. Like when I get out it’s gonna be on the album.’

Hopefully Bun gets involved and we get another Front Back.


  • el rey

    that’s what we want, tip !§§ not that pyro shit

  • bjanswers

    If Bun isn’t on it then that’d be fucked up

  • lawl

    up in the studio, me & my drankk. wonder if he references drinking lean in the verse

  • ja

    it would be amazin if Bun just make it UGK.

  • Reesh

    Tip has “an” never before heard…..SHAKE learn how to write especially if your job is to sit on your ass an blog all day. Maybe if you weren’t such a dumbfuck people wouldn’t hate on you so much…

  • iNyaJawsHo

    get off buns dick. yall niggas is pitiful. a track with only tip and sweet jones would be the shit. you soft serve niggas wouldn’t know trill if it slapped the taste out ya mouth.

  • datdude718

    If y’all hate this blog and its writers so much, then go and find a new one and stop bitchin, simple as that. Now those ppl are the dumbfucks

  • SwishasNKush

    Yeah put Bun B on it so when i cut Clifford The Rats verse out, it ain’t just a 1 minute track with Pimp C! Please, by all means!

  • FFR

    Trouble man? Sky 7th already made an album under that name!