• el rey

    that's what we want, tip !§§ not that pyro shit

  • bjanswers

    If Bun isn't on it then that'd be fucked up

  • lawl

    up in the studio, me & my drankk. wonder if he references drinking lean in the verse

  • ja

    it would be amazin if Bun just make it UGK.

  • Reesh

    Tip has "an" never before heard.....SHAKE learn how to write especially if your job is to sit on your ass an blog all day. Maybe if you weren't such a dumbfuck people wouldn't hate on you so much...

  • iNyaJawsHo

    get off buns dick. yall niggas is pitiful. a track with only tip and sweet jones would be the shit. you soft serve niggas wouldn't know trill if it slapped the taste out ya mouth.

  • datdude718

    If y'all hate this blog and its writers so much, then go and find a new one and stop bitchin, simple as that. Now those ppl are the dumbfucks

  • SwishasNKush

    Yeah put Bun B on it so when i cut Clifford The Rats verse out, it ain't just a 1 minute track with Pimp C! Please, by all means!

  • FFR

    Trouble man? Sky 7th already made an album under that name!