WZRD (KiD CuDi x Dot Da Genius) – Brake

blame it on Meka November 22, 2011

KiD CuDi and Dot Da Genius make their debut as WZRD with the first release from their upcoming project, set to drop January 30th.

DOWNLOAD: WZRD – Brake | Mediafire

  • k3


  • Your Father

    This shit is so repetitive it gets annoying.
    I don’t know why CuDi is wailing on these records.
    Why can’t he use his usual singing voice?
    …and why is it that artists release a bunch of stuff and dismiss if it fails and keep calling the next tune they drop “the first single”. This is the 3rd one by my count.

  • Kizer

    THIS IS HOW MUSIC SHOULD BE MADE!! UNIQUE/HONEST/CREATIVE/IMAGINATIVE/OUTSIDE THE BOX!! God bless you KiD CuDi & Dot Da Genius..its rare to find hip hop artists like Cudi, who would rather be unique and create their own lanes than just be like everybody else and fit the mold

  • c

    has a lil sound like jimi hendrix. cudder is the shit.

  • Dereck


  • NSTY

    Longest fucking intro………. This shit gets no play from me

  • rell

    i had to fire 1 up for this groovy ass shit. trippy.

  • Jake101

    Dope af, Check me out too. 1.

  • TheOGLonelyStoner

    Excuse me..but what is this shit? This makes Rebirth look good -__-

  • AJ

    Cudi needs to be played at a high volume! That way you can really appreciate his sound and the emotion he puts into his music…trust me.

  • Good music. But then again, I listen to more than just shopping bag, swag rap.

  • bitchassn1gga

    ^^ Then you’d hear that this shit’s just wailing over a boring, drawn out, unimaginative guitar riff. This is neither a good song, nor hast has it any artistic value whatsoever. “Music will never be the same…” my ass.

  • bitchassn1gga

    ^^ Then you’d hear that this shit’s just wailing over a boring, drawn out, unimaginative guitar riff. This is neither a good song, nor has it any artistic value whatsoever. “Music will never be the same…” my ass.

  • alpha

    cosign @ bitchassn1gga. This is self-absorbed and talentless to an amazing degree. It’s like he took all the worst elements from his last CD, decided that was what made rock music (not even close), and tried to slap together a douchebag anthem.

    And #rollseyes at whoever said this sounded anything at all like Hendrix. What are you, retarded, son?

  • Dez

    It’s just different. I kinda like it.

  • Mike Tomlin

    This is what the hell I’m talking about! Everyone saying its too different or not good music- I hear another MGK and Waka Flocka Flame song leaked… Lames.

    Gonna be bumpin this one at high volumes for a while.

  • yep

    sounds like tycho, all in all, good sound though

  • curiousjorge

    @Your Father
    what were the first two singles?

  • realtalk©

    ^I guess he’s talking about Perfect is the Word, which wasn’t a single at all, they were even still calling themselves 2 Be Continuum and probably No One Believes Me, which is a Cudder solo joint off the Fright Night soundtrack..

    Anyway I’m excited for this project.. doesn’t sound like the usual “hip hop artists take on another genre” but we already knew Cudi had skills beyond hip hop so I’m not surprised..

  • A.O.

    This whole project would seem a lot less corny if they didn’t label it rock. It might seem rock-like to a hip hop fan who’s never heard a single rock record. But to anyone who has, the label seems highly stupid. It’s a good track, but the emphasis on the rock label he seems to push with every leak/release/reference to this project in interviews makes it look a lot worse than it is.

  • MJD

    Going for that Pink Floyd sound I see…

  • Ski

    Mmmm people are gonna be dissing… hahah. “The 10 Best Subliminals of 2011 (So Far)”

  • Crash

    “I listen to more than just shopping bag, swag rap.”
    Who says shit like that?
    Holier than thou ass niggas

  • Crash

    Some of you internet niggas need to realize that LISTENING TO KID CUDI,ETC. DOESN’T MAKE YOU UNIQUE.

  • realtalk©

    ^lol its not serious homie.. if you like it listen to it, if you dont like it then dont..

    ..and if youre one of those narrow minded hip hop heads dont comment on other music

  • Daniel

    This shit is cool but it needs a variation on that melody… too repetitive.

  • Classic Rock Fan

    Pink Floyd sound? Jimi Hendrix sound? get the fuck out of here u dumbshits.. quit disrespecting MUSIC GREATS! PERIOD. dont compare classic rock with rap u stupid shits. 2 completely different genres. that being said.. i fuck with cudi and this song is dope

  • Crash sounds mad. Take a Midol, and change your pad.

  • kd

    this shit CRAY

  • steezus christ

    lowkey i was hype about this album but after hearing this idk.. This is nowhere near Pink Floyd or Hendrix. Cudi is a great artist, but you cant be biased b/c his past shit has been dope. this doesnt match up to ANY classic rock..
    The riff is just garbage.. and it isnt punk rock at all like Cudi had tweeted.

  • nick

    this shits dope FUCK YALL

  • brixxxsquad

    man, you gotta be high for this shit….Im high right now. its aight. Its not bad….and please kid cudi fanboys – dick riders..dont compare this to Jimi.

  • Jmon

    this is great music. a perfect example of an artist staying true to himself and his roots his whole career. kid cudi gets nothing but my utmost respect. the dude didnt drastically change his sound like others in his class (b.o.b. aka sellout). youo have to respect him as an artist too. do you really want him to just sit back and do the same shit over and over. i think this is awesome that he is evolving and expanding himself, whether good or bad. kid cudi is THE definition of hardworking. hip hop’s tebow…hahaha

  • Musikfiend

    This is pretty boring but the “wanna be different & anti-mainstream” people will claim it’s the best thing since sliced bread. I’m a Cudi fan & I expect more from him.

  • dirtysixchambers

    anything with an intro longer than 1 minute automatically gets no play from me. not mention the song itself wasn’t that good anyways, pretty damn boring.

  • #justsayin

    Cosign with Musikfiend

  • this is dope. it does remind me of dark side of the moon a bit. Cudi might be 3 for 3 with this album