The Demigodz – Demigodz Is Back (prod. Apathy)

blame it on Shake November 23, 2011

Apathy, Ryu and Celph Titled get busy on the official return of one the almighty Demigodz. Look out for their yet-to-be-titled album dropping in 2012.

DOWNLOAD: The Demigodz – Demigodz Is Back (prod. Apathy)

  • DBS

    I just jizzed my pants.

  • who cares

    Yea, I fucks wit this

  • gavin

    i aint even gon listen if Esoteric aint on it

  • so sick. cant wait for the rest of the record.

  • richard

    hey whaen you coming back sac cali

  • godZ

    its good, just not diggin the instrumental so much man

  • man wtf is Emilio!

  • zilla

    man emilio was wackkkk anyway… song is dope though

  • JuleS

    FIRE! Cant wait for the album!

  • da_Vultre

    shits fire

  • French Touch

    Dope again & again !!!!!

  • Mike

    This is harder than my dick in the mornin’ time!

  • EB

    Celph RIPS this track.

  • gose

    my heart started beating rapidly when i saw this post

  • gose

    anyone else think DGZ is way better than AOTP? Please don’t let Vinnie paz or Jus Allah in DGZ… PLEASE

  • driscoll

    where is Esoteric on this??

  • And Won

    I need to check Celph’s solo stuff.

  • lyfsabych

    some of ya’ll got some really corny ways about you…

  • rubixcuban

    been too long since I heard RYU on a track with Ap and Celph.

  • hsadjk

    dope. i hope they didnt “dumb down” this album for sales tho.

  • Wiff!

    i remember when they were forming this group. apathy wanted to make a “super-group” and started calling SEVERAL rappers…

    most declined.


    You’re all fucking stupid… “dont let vinnie paz or jus allah in dgz” WITHOUT Vinnie Apathy wouldnt be here stupid fuck. His first song was the Psycho-social “three immortals” and besides APATHY AND CELPH ARE IN AOTP. Stupid ass.

  • imhh1

    that sample flip is amazing

  • getmoneyfly

    Jae-Claude100 Jae-Claude100 Jae-Claude100 Check Him Out

  • Allen jefferson
  • showgunone

    I gotta work Thanksgiving so this and Godz Must Be Crazier will be in rotation.

  • kurse

    anybody know what bacastan’s status with the crew is? is he DGZ or AOTP?

  • Angel sent by Demigodz

    I’m about to download there whole discog…. to get ready for the album.

    Holy shit this is fire.

  • Angel sent by Demigodz

    Gave transformers 2 thumbs down….

  • Unxpekted



  • kGb

    this song goes hard and i gotta cosign whoever said the choppin’ was ill, because it was an ill way to flip the sample… everyone has heard the original song lol

    860 and the heartbeat signing out, just showing love!

  • word, demigodz >>>>>> army of the pharaohs

  • Cleezy

    Dope shti! The godz are Apathy, Celph, Ryu, Esoteric, Motive, and Blacastan for those wondering

  • blaze

    this shit is nice

  • I guess all the swag rapper fans (28 of em) didn’t like this REAL SHIT….I hope you faggots have this song ringing in your ears when you fall off your skateboards……

  • Chris Uhl

    DGZ’s are fuckin back motherfuckers!!!!

  • Real Facts

    Wiff, you don’t know what the fuck you are talking about. That is 100% bullshit and you know it.