Black Star – Fix Up (prod. Madlib)

blame it on Meka November 25, 2011

Mos Def Yasiin Bey and Talib Kweli are Black Star, and to kick off Black Friday they drop the first single from their upcoming album, set to drop… let’s say… before Detox. Give or take a few millennia.


PURCHASE: Black Star – Fix Up (prod. Madlib) [via iTunes]

  • CHE

    I definitely could dig this. Yasiin (Mos) & Talib again?! & Madlib is a fckn PROBLEM!


    This is ill.

  • JA

    Best duo in hip-hop today, period.

  • Ricky Bobby

    I’m Ricky Bobby, if you don’t listen to Black Star, then fuck you.

  • Super dope! Black Star never cease to amaze. Click my name to check out my blog if you are looking for another source for new music. Thanks.

  • koonta

    a madlib beat deserves to be turned up more, the vocals overpower it but dope anyways

  • VIC

    Yes, more Black Star. Still Mos changing his name is stupid, people will still call him Mos Def

  • Look Up Marlon, Say Cheez

    Kweli needs this album so bad it’s disgusting.

  • unclesamie

    This ish was illy, if this is one of the worser tracks we´re gonna get a classic.

    We need Hi-Tek beats, maybe some leftover Dilla beats, if you can get one, a dopeass Preemo beat, and a Thieves In The Night (best hip-hop song of all time? Me thinks so) #2. We also need a Pharaoahe Monch feature, a Common feature, a Lupe feature (maybe not?), a D´Angelo feature (for Brown Skin Lady #2!) and also a 3Stacks feature would be the icing on the cake. No more than 12 tracks and you´ve crafted another clasic, good job Yasiin & Talib!

  • York

    ^ Nah no Lupe feature. He only raps over electro beats now.

  • yes, i am attempting to troll you

    They need a Rozay feature and some Lex Luger beats. Get some airplay otherwise they’re gonna look ass and these old niggas wont sell shit

  • OBF

    Don’t forget the lil b and amber rose features

  • “Nah no Lupe feature. ****He only raps over electro beats now.*****”


  • piper

    @VIC LMFAO i was thinkin the same thing

  • leutrim

    everybody will continue to call him mos def no matter what he does, people loved his name, like tity boi went from having a bad name to an alright name, yasin bey is just weird and unnecessary.

    oh yeah this song rocks, cant wait for the jay elec feature, hi-tek, madlib production

  • Dawg

    Madlib is classic yo. Shit is classic yo!

  • TE

    Madlib >

  • DBS

    This is tight, I was never a fan of the old Black Star, Mos, Talib and Hi-Tek have all improved a lot since then, I like the new stuff a lot more, can’t wait on an album.

  • WHAT!

    this track is easily in my top 5 favorite this year. real hip hop lives! bk all day!

  • And Won

    you had me at bey and madlib. I actually bought this! Usually I listen to an album 10 times then I’ll buy the physical if I still liked it.

  • Black Star – Fix Up (prod. Madlib) the MP3

  • j73

    the vocals sound weird though?

  • T’Challa

    Respect the name change. I’m sure when Muhammad Ali changed his name, it took a while for people to stop calling him “Cassius”.

    Yasiin Bey it is.. the most important thing is that he keeps making dope music..

  • Mohammed

    The mixing sounds horrible. Nontheless it’s a dope song…

  • who cares

    This is ill! But that name change is… unnecessary to say the least.

  • lilkandy

    Two Black Star Songs In The Same Day???????? Madlib & Oh No Production???? You Already Knew > Fix Up Tho

  • who cares

    ^what you mean two Black Star songs in the same day? o.O

  • who cares

    Never mind I found the second one

  • david

    i hope they release a re-mastered version of this. it sounds like the live take they did on colbert report.

  • AR

    I love madlib, but madlib or not thsis beat is a sleeeeper! Boring.

  • Ken

    besides Tek-Zilla and Madlib, I could go for a 9th and Pete Rock beat as well.

  • Lito

    Blacklib. Black Star is the greatest rap duo ever.

  • Cam

    I agree with whoever said the vocals need to be turned up

  • “Best duo in hip-hop today, period.”

    Better than OutKast?!

  • Spike

    Illest track in a minute. Madlib is one of the GOAT producers.

  • david

    anyone else prefer the live version? i like both versions but they seemed more laid-back in this one from the start when talib does the ‘m-m-madlib invasion’ shoutout