• CHE

    I definitely could dig this. Yasiin (Mos) & Talib again?! & Madlib is a fckn PROBLEM!


    This is ill.

  • JA

    Best duo in hip-hop today, period.

  • Ricky Bobby

    I'm Ricky Bobby, if you don't listen to Black Star, then fuck you.

  • http://Jams4Days.com Jams4Days

    Super dope! Black Star never cease to amaze. Click my name to check out my blog if you are looking for another source for new music. Thanks.

  • koonta

    a madlib beat deserves to be turned up more, the vocals overpower it but dope anyways

  • VIC

    Yes, more Black Star. Still Mos changing his name is stupid, people will still call him Mos Def

  • Look Up Marlon, Say Cheez

    Kweli needs this album so bad it's disgusting.

  • unclesamie

    This ish was illy, if this is one of the worser tracks we´re gonna get a classic.

    We need Hi-Tek beats, maybe some leftover Dilla beats, if you can get one, a dopeass Preemo beat, and a Thieves In The Night (best hip-hop song of all time? Me thinks so) #2. We also need a Pharaoahe Monch feature, a Common feature, a Lupe feature (maybe not?), a D´Angelo feature (for Brown Skin Lady #2!) and also a 3Stacks feature would be the icing on the cake. No more than 12 tracks and you´ve crafted another clasic, good job Yasiin & Talib!

  • York

    ^ Nah no Lupe feature. He only raps over electro beats now.

  • yes, i am attempting to troll you

    They need a Rozay feature and some Lex Luger beats. Get some airplay otherwise they're gonna look ass and these old niggas wont sell shit

  • OBF

    Don't forget the lil b and amber rose features

  • http://nyc.com zany blunts

    "Nah no Lupe feature. ****He only raps over electro beats now.*****"


  • piper

    @VIC LMFAO i was thinkin the same thing

  • leutrim

    everybody will continue to call him mos def no matter what he does, people loved his name, like tity boi went from having a bad name to an alright name, yasin bey is just weird and unnecessary.

    oh yeah this song rocks, cant wait for the jay elec feature, hi-tek, madlib production

  • Dawg

    Madlib is classic yo. Shit is classic yo!

  • TE

    Madlib >

  • http://www.officialdbs.com DBS

    This is tight, I was never a fan of the old Black Star, Mos, Talib and Hi-Tek have all improved a lot since then, I like the new stuff a lot more, can't wait on an album.

  • WHAT!

    this track is easily in my top 5 favorite this year. real hip hop lives! bk all day!

  • And Won

    you had me at bey and madlib. I actually bought this! Usually I listen to an album 10 times then I'll buy the physical if I still liked it.

  • http://facebook Mr3-18

    Black Star – Fix Up (prod. Madlib) the MP3 http://hulkshare.com/i6dtxqsio13u

  • j73

    the vocals sound weird though?

  • T’Challa

    Respect the name change. I'm sure when Muhammad Ali changed his name, it took a while for people to stop calling him "Cassius".

    Yasiin Bey it is.. the most important thing is that he keeps making dope music..

  • Mohammed

    The mixing sounds horrible. Nontheless it's a dope song...

  • who cares

    This is ill! But that name change is... unnecessary to say the least.

  • lilkandy

    Two Black Star Songs In The Same Day???????? Madlib & Oh No Production???? You Already Knew > Fix Up Tho

  • who cares

    ^what you mean two Black Star songs in the same day? o.O

  • who cares

    Never mind I found the second one

  • david

    i hope they release a re-mastered version of this. it sounds like the live take they did on colbert report.

  • AR

    I love madlib, but madlib or not thsis beat is a sleeeeper! Boring.

  • Ken

    besides Tek-Zilla and Madlib, I could go for a 9th and Pete Rock beat as well.

  • Lito

    Blacklib. Black Star is the greatest rap duo ever.


  • Cam

    I agree with whoever said the vocals need to be turned up

  • http://www.yaboyrampz.deviantart.com/ rmpwolf

    "Best duo in hip-hop today, period."

    Better than OutKast?!

  • Spike

    Illest track in a minute. Madlib is one of the GOAT producers.

  • david

    anyone else prefer the live version? i like both versions but they seemed more laid-back in this one from the start when talib does the 'm-m-madlib invasion' shoutout