Black Star – You Already Knew (prod. Oh No)

blame it on Meka November 25, 2011

Second verse, same as the first. Talib Kweli and Mos Def (yeah, I’m not gonna call him Yasiin Bey anymore) drops the second freebie off their upcoming mixtape, now titled Aretha Franklin.

DOWNLOAD: Black Star – You Already Knew (prod. Oh No) | Mediafire
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  • Iodine

    Not a big fan of the cover (the font is ass) but liking the song

  • Senju

    Watch the video here on youtube to if you guys want

  • emac117

    Damn… Black Star is back everyone, and they’re a force to be reckoned with

  • Very lovely surprise. Good look

  • Chess


  • who cares

    Lmao I don’t think anyone is really gonna be callin’ him “Yassin”. Just like I still call Game “The Game”. There’s no reason to change/alter your rap name. It’s pointless.
    Ill ass song

  • gwew27

    hes already established himself as mos def after all these years… changing his name now will just confuse people haha. especially if he doesnt change his rapping/music style whats the point

  • Yasiin is his Muslim name. Haha…I don’t see why people are frustrated about it. Mos Def said himself that you can still call him Mos Def, but that the music will come under his name, Yasiin Bey. I think it has more to do with his acting career than his music career.

    More importantly, happy to see Black Star in full effect. Kweli also said we should be getting the mixtape after Mos finishes up his project that he’s working on. Excited for the upcoming months.

  • PRalines

    Dudes 40 years old, id wanna start going by my real name too

  • b

    better be some j. rawls on this new one

  • Cleft
  • HipHopProphets

    yo meka i just wanna say, im not a dickrider or nothing and not one of those dudes who be comin on here complainin all the time.

    mos def said that he wants to go by this name. and hes done so much for the hip hop game, one of the best doin it still, that i think we gotta give him that respect because hes earned it.

    yasiin bey it is.

  • marty mcfly

    This song is DOPE and Black Star making this kinda shit again is definitely appreciated so Mos Def can call himself Yasiin or Obi1Kenobi or whatever its all good with me. I just gotta say something about somebody else real fast. Whatever zone Lupe was in when he made JESUS: Friend of the People…? He needs to stay there cause this shit is lyrically CRAZY !!! I put a verse on the A$AP Rocky ( what part of Harlem did this nigga come from ) & Kendrick ( Listen to JESUS b4 making another Sec 80 ) – Peso section, Its the first verse from Super Cold where the second line is wrong. Its not “Wanna seat your freak”. Its “I wanna see Chilly Free” so I just had to fix that real quick cause thats a important correction to me but back to the subject. This mixtape or Dubstep/rap shit or album or whatever this shit is right here nigga !!! Is on some other shit I mean some other other typa shit !!! Now imo Lupe was hotter then 95% of the rappers out this year ( Pause for the gay troll out there ) LOL. This JESUS shit only makes it worse for anybody who disagrees with that. If Nas or Black Star or Jayz or Jay Elec or whoever heard this tape they’d be like God Damn and these new cats like Cole, Big Sean and Ummmmm yeah Kendrick definitely need to peep game on this shit. Lyrically this shit is some incredible shit and musically its dope and im not really on some dupstep shit but this shits dope idc how people feel about out. Now add Lasers to that and the fact Show Goes On just went double platinum and you got a good reason why 2DBZ should post at least one song from this tape, Im just saying. Being a person who likes the older more classic sound of the 90s production wise, sometimes you gotta just look forward into the future and appreciate new sounds. Even though the new Black Star songs are super dope records, hip hop has to change again at this point and for the better. New styles have to be invented thats why the 90s is what it is cause you got legendary albums dropping everywhere from people who wanted to be different but still on point lyrically. Lupe just killed shit with JESUS: Friend of the People. If this aint some kinda underground classic shit then I wanna know why its not and blaming everything on beats is just not good enough. Thats why it doesnt sound like everybody else thats trying to sound like some Drake and 40 or Waka or Ross or Wayne the girl pants, pop rappin, chief of some blood gang in rikers island, type shit. This tape mite be hard to understand and appreciate at first but its alot of dope shit going on musically and lyrically on JESUS. One

  • marty mcfly

    And before you even say something stupid? STFU- Pauly, homo trolls and whoever else wanna say somethin about it and Lupe says hello Shake… Out

  • david

    Marty mcfly i agree with the thing you said about the 90s and different styles but lupe sucks, so does a$ap, so does kendrick, some people are so desperate for some new big hip-hop figure that they’ll praise the first artists that come along, none of the 3 i mentioned have as much talent as hip-hop artists of the 90s

  • marty mcfly

    Yeah I mite have said too much about Friend of the People cause listening to it the next day its just cool. Its dope as hell lyrically but the first couple of beats arent the easiest beats to listen to but I just really liked the fact that Lu did something completely different with his music this year.


    Kendrick Lamar is wack?..hmmmmm..DONT AGREE WITH THAT ONE!