Shawn Jay (of Field Mob) – P*ssy Boy (Ludacris Diss)

blame it on Shake November 25, 2011

With Field Mob’s NASA: Niggaz Always Smoking Always on the way, Shawn Jay responds to Luda’s diss record (Say It To My Face, off his 1.21 Gigawatts mixtape) over Fozzie Bear’s Round of Applause.

DOWNLOAD: Shawn Jay – Pussy Boy (Ludacris Diss)

  • Your Average Jet

    This came out of nowhere…what made this irrelevant nigga respond to something not even aimed at him?

  • brite

    This nigga looks like one of the fiends on The Wire. Bubbles crack addict ass looking motherfucker.


  • jdz

    Holy shit, I’m pretty sure he just called him a pussy boy about 100 times and that’s about it

  • Mr. 2012

    Luda went at Shawn Jay on Say It To My Face, not Bada Boom. Wrong diss.

  • Simple like ABC, 123

    Even he answered. Not like Big Sean & Drake, pussy boy!

  • nito



  • MDA33

    Damm I Can’t Even Lie This SHit Was Pretty Hard, I had Been Hearing 4 A Minute That Luda Did The DTP Camp Pretty Foul Guess It Was True……

  • str8jckn

    pussy or not…luda will eat this nigga…use to think he had skills..wat hapn?

  • inside information

    this was wack but at least he had the balls to respond unlike those eunuch ass niggas drake and big sean

  • I added the title to the diss record since some folks can’t read an ENTIRE post I link to.

  • beefcake

    wait… really..

  • who cares

    Ummmm…what the fuck did I just listen to?

  • Wait a minute… “NASA: Niggaz Always Smoking Always?”

    How you have a 4-letter acronym and run out of words after 3? That’s the most ghetto thing I’ve ever heard of.

  • London

    What’s the original song for this beat called? I vaguely remember it.

  • SiNiSTeR SLiM

    ^^^^^^^^^^^HAHAHA Cosign

  • prk

    Everyone trys to pay no mind to diss tracks now, but i looking forward to see this evolve. I miss shoots being traded.

  • @Troyork

    Haha! I was just thinking the same thing! It’s like they made up the acronym on the spot when asked what NASA meant.

  • Pusseh…NIGGUH!!!
    I lol’d

  • T

    Yep, he automatically loses.

  • ME

    Evryone entitled to an opinion, I fuck wit it. Not gonna bump it in the whip but its a good way to start a rap beef. I can appreciate the fact that its not subliminal. And luda’s diss to him is no better than this.

    and to whoever said Luda would eat Shawn J, im not so sure. He never outshined him anytime they were on the same track. Thats a fact. Im a fan of both tho, so we will see how it plays out.

  • GODr.

    This is really bad.

  • Reel Talk

    I can tell most of yall don’t know SHIT. Shawn Jay been a beast, Field Mob just been layin low too long. LOL, It’s funny how yall quick to diss niggaz that are SIGNED by your favorite rappers. Shawn Jay went light on this one, he would MURDER Lucacris!

  • HoesOnMyDickCuzILookLikeBigSean……..Boi

    -____- let’s keep it real people, it took Luda a whole year to respond to Big Sean & Drake’s comments towards him & they both said they weren’t even disrespecting Luda when they said what they said. Do you really think Luda’s gonna diss dude right away? Hell no!!! Look out for a new Luda diss track a year from now after everybody forgets about this song.

  • dörk

    Sounds like a love song.

  • theLupeXperienc

    Yáll R trippin on some homo fan boy shit, bunch’a Stan d*ck riding mofos! This shit goes hard. I aint gon b bumping it, but it does what the message was! It’s a helluva diss record. 2 Thumb high!

  • Pugz

    It may not be the best song in the world, but at least he has the balls to say “Luda” during the song and actually NAME DROP. Ludacris was too much of a pussy that he had to subliminally go at Sean and Drake because he knows at the end of the day he is washed up and whether you “hip hop heads” like to admit it or not, Drake and Big Sean are atop the game right now and I have reason to believe that at least Drake will have a more successful career than Luda, if he hasn’t already.

  • rockett

    This was a “DISS”, he rode that thang out ! “Better duck, nigga AFLAC. This bullet hole will turn yo fitted to a snapback”. Shawn rode this thing like he didn’t even write it. This was tough, Luda fan or not. This is one of the most well done DISS records I’ve heard in a long time !

  • TheJacka

    Ol’ take another nigga to the movies as nigga

  • Rozay34

    NBA IS BACK !!!!!!!!! Tell ya cousin, Tell ya cousins cousins NBA IS BACK !! and also tell this irrelevant ass nigga NBA IS BACK !!!!!!!

  • Stay Frosty

    Luda’s a great artist (or was) but he can’t run that label of his, what has Luda done for his artists on DTP lately? Didn’t he diss Bobby Valentino also on the tape also? I-20 is surprisingly still making music, last time I heard about Chingy he ran into a tranny, Lil Fate will still be his hypeman, 2Chainz is blowing up but not under the label, Shawnna left that’s why Battle of the Sexes was so bad and Field Mob left.

    People wanna talk Bad Boy but I’ll argue that DTP is worse.

  • Eric Holder

    This shit petty…larceny. I want my time back.

  • init-doe

    Dude looks like a zombie from The Walking Dead.

  • And Won

    I gotta side with Shawn Jay, Luda be on some bull ish. I only liked his first album anyway.

  • Kirby Fuckett

    This is dope for a diss record. Big up for Shawn Jay.

  • Trill O’Reilly

    @Stay Frosty : I agree. At least Bad Boy artists go at least gold before their careers get ruined by Diddy or they get dropped by Diddy lol.

    Bobby Valentino: left after his 2nd album

    2Chainz: signed to Luda for YEARS before getting a hot single with Lil Wayne’s help, then left DTP & is more popular now.

    Shawnna: long story short: if your front woman leaves your label (DTP) in the middle of working on an album you were promoting (Battle of the Sexes) to sign to a dude (T-Pain, Nappy Boy Digital) who eventually signed to another label (Young Money) that’s signed to another label (Cash Money) that’s distributed by another label (Universal), then u must suck at running a label (Luda)

    Scarface: I think he was signed to DTP for a lil while before becoming president of Def Jam South

    Small World: need I say more?

    Steph Jones: where is this guy?

    Serius Jones: he could’ve had a VERY successful career, but thanks to Luda’s inability to run a decent label, Serius now battles homeless guys that run up on him in barber shops. (Charles Hamilton)

    Field Mob: they have a loyal fanbase. Although the DTP deal made them household names in 2005, they eventually were only on the label to make Luda’s pockets fatter. Why Luda not feeding his artists?

    Chingy: let’s be real, we ALLknew his career would fail, we just didn’t know when.

    Lil Fate: long story short: Lil fate is to Luda, what Spliff Star is to Busta Rhymes or Tony Yayo is to 50 Cent

    I-20: was signed to DTP from the beginning, but never had the chance to release an album.

  • Trill O’Reilly: the ‘O’ stands for “Oh shit, that’s Trill O’Reilly!!!”

    LMAO 1 more then I quit.

    Willy Northpole: bad a hot single with B.o.B, but since Luda isn’t good at running a label, his album dropped & his 1st week numbers were so low, his album didn’t even show up on soundscan or scratch the Billboard 200.

  • @ Trill O’Reilly thats dead on. And LOL @ Shawnna, Serius, and Lil Fate scenario

  • Mr McKay

    wait, can we be serious for a moment..

    I am a luda fan but these beef shit is whack, seriously. Putting out a diss track about some shit that happened over a year ago. All Drake and Sean said was that my chick didn’t do that style of flow justice. Why be sensitive?

    Meek Mill BODIED Luda on say it to my face… Shawn J will and has also BODIED Luda on tracks. So why start a beef with someone you know can kill you bar for bar. Field Mob has never really got their respect. They are mean with the lyric!

  • flip illson

    i just died.

    —a dying metaphor—

  • cam’ron newton

    this is dope shit

  • Song isn’t that great (just in my opinion) , I have a hard time enjoying any music with that deep accent… but I give the man credit for going at Luda, and not waiting a year like some people.

  • MAC

    “Dis pussy nigga poppin’ hard he should join da twerk team”…SHAWN JAY…luda got dat gwap but on sum real ish guy aint messing wit shawn jay lyrically field mob is what da game been missin yall jus on luda nuts cuz yall know of him SHAWN JAY murdered luda and will continue 2 kill him cuz luda cnt fuck wit him dats RNS

  • EJ

    Luda went off on him first in both Bada Boom and Say it to my face, Shawn Jay went off by saying his name this was crazy mad beef between this artist……………. (229) BABY

  • Me

    Now that I listened to it again, He had some crazy bars on this thang too. Luda better stick to dissing niggaz that aint gon respond. Cuz this is ugly right here. Looking forward to that new Field Mob album.

  • Mr All Dat

    Check it out…..It’s old, but Shawn did everything he could to black
    ball this cat when I was managing Field Mob.

  • Yo this track was serious..NO LIE!! I don’t even see how luda can comeback with a record to this shit! Shawan J was on point with everything he was saying..(that shit you make for little boy’s/I know u a pussy Boy)..That’s some real shit cause I don’t know any grown men that bump Luda lmao..Shawn J record ether!

  • larry bryant

    Y’all niggas tripping Shawn j been day shit and Lisa know it. To be real if they was to get into a real battle all Luda has on Shawn j is his money and a better career but lyricaly Shawn j is just as talented as luda is. “Luda you a stripper booty, FAKE ASS nigga” Shawn j went in he and Chevy p always does listen to his music you will see

  • iNFA

    you better duck aflac i mean really come on this nigga weak luda said it best you’s WEAK seawn j is a talented nigga but he in a different talent bracket from luda