French Montana – Shot Caller (rmx) f. Diddy & Rick Ross

blame it on Shake November 26, 2011

Just in case anyone wanted this. Here goes the tagles version of Frenchie’s latest remix.

DOWNLOAD: French Montana – Shot Caller (rmx) f. Diddy & Rick Ross (prod. Harry Fraud) [Tags]

  • pheenix07

    shit riding

  • Ace

    As much I hate Montana, I can’t lie, he floated on this track. Bodied it. Ross and Diddy did too, man.

  • johnny blaze

    song is iight but i wish the beat was harder.. the three dudes did they thing

  • daukeeeeeeeeefoo

    this song is g ross’ verse at the end is the shiznit

  • lol


    AND OFFICER WILLIE IS JUST …………………………………????????

  • poopdick jones

    how many times diddy gonna revisit that fucking beat

  • el rey

    T.I. was said to be part of the remix, right ? where is he at ?

  • Shawty

    French got flow man…hell yall talkin bout??

  • d-bo

    I don’t really like to wish death on anyone, but when is Rick Ross’s fat ass going to have a heart attack? All that body fat and fried chicken? His Body Mass Index is like 475. Hopefully we dies sooner rather than later, and he should take that fat a-rab with him too.

  • the realest

    i dont listen to french AT ALL, not much of a ross fan, puff is the only one i really fucks wit, but this song is a BANGER! fact.

  • RKB

    ross’s jacket in this pic doeeeeeeeeeee…..

  • TOrrent9113


  • WHAT!

    i can’t stand this nigga diddy givin this pig all of biggie’s old beats, son. acting like big wasn’t even a factor in that muthafucka’s career. fuck is up wit that shit. r.i.p. to the g.o.a.t.

  • yep

    Lupe’s New mixtape is seriously crazy u need to post that shaker I know u feel guilty for not.

  • MeGaVeLi

    after first hearing these horns at the beginning of Lord of the Underground’s Funky Child … I’ve always had ambitions of using it as a sample … although it seems someone now has beat me to it … still don’t sound right!

  • Thinker

    who the fuck ACTUALLY waits on the diddy verse to come up on a song? dumbest shit i ever heard

  • brolikk

    Looking for a Puff-less version to drop

  • anyone realize how fucking brutal french montana is yet? dude sucks ass no content, nothing original.

  • TheJacka

    I don’t like French Montana or Diddy rapping….but this shit goes!!!

  • LAriot

    thurz killed this sample waaaaay iller.

  • Frylock

    I do NOT understand how people can be fans of someone like French Montana. He seems like a cool dude and all but nigga is straight garbage, no joke. His flow is similar to a retard and we get it, you deal white. This guy is as overrated as Max B and he’s as overrated as Jim Jones. Let’s not front and act like they’re something they’re not or act like just cause NY hip-hop has no frontman for the future we can just give the throne to anyone. French got friends, isn’t that why he’s on all these songs? Just cause you get on a bunch of songs don’t make you dope, ask 2chainz, smdh

  • the realest

    this shit bang. period. i called it way back, bad boy coming back.