• Juanka

    You must be kidding or GTFOH

  • Unxpekted

    9 dislikes? GIve me 9 condoms and a time machine to get rid of some fuck babys

  • http://worldstarhiphop.com Yahisaidit

    2dopeboyz sleep on real nigguhz and then post this same recycled wannabe thug bullshit? come THE FUCK ON!

    look up Alley Boy - Fake Niggas

    fckn fgts

  • david

    recycled wannabe thug? you need to do the lookin up, he's been around over 20 years check him out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7rGZ1c8Mxn0 google juice crew you fuckin idiot, and alley boy sounds like the name of a homeless rapist who never hit puberty

  • james r aka the real truth

    Yahisaidit ,Alley Boy can't touch a real nigguhz like Tragedy Khadafi .Tragedy Khadafi is Queensbridge legend & was before nas ,mobb deep & CNN!go check out CNN"S first album war report that is classic album & Tragedy Khadafi helped make that classic . Alley Boy has not been part of any classic music at all.so you are the ignorant closeminded fckn fgt!,loser

  • http://Jams4Days.com Jams4Days

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  • http://crimefam.com Castro DaKid

    Trag is the truth! I don't what the fuck this Alley Boy ni99a talkin about but i'm certain that Boy wouldn't go in an Alley alone with Trag

  • http://worldstarhiphop.com Yahisaidit

    I never said he wasn't an old ass whack ass nigga. Lrn to read fucktard. Classic this classic that

    If i wanna hear some classic music i'll put on big or pac. stfu abt classic, thast another word for old