Tragedy Khadafi – Still Breathing (Video)

blame it on Miss_Peas November 27, 2011

Directed by Donald Robinson Cole for SMP.

Off the Queensbridge rhyme-spitter’s new album, Thug Matrix 3.

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  • Juanka

    You must be kidding or GTFOH

  • Unxpekted

    9 dislikes? GIve me 9 condoms and a time machine to get rid of some fuck babys

  • 2dopeboyz sleep on real nigguhz and then post this same recycled wannabe thug bullshit? come THE FUCK ON!

    look up Alley Boy – Fake Niggas

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  • david

    recycled wannabe thug? you need to do the lookin up, he’s been around over 20 years check him out google juice crew you fuckin idiot, and alley boy sounds like the name of a homeless rapist who never hit puberty

  • james r aka the real truth

    Yahisaidit ,Alley Boy can’t touch a real nigguhz like Tragedy Khadafi .Tragedy Khadafi is Queensbridge legend & was before nas ,mobb deep & CNN!go check out CNN”S first album war report that is classic album & Tragedy Khadafi helped make that classic . Alley Boy has not been part of any classic music at you are the ignorant closeminded fckn fgt!,loser

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  • Trag is the truth! I don’t what the fuck this Alley Boy ni99a talkin about but i’m certain that Boy wouldn’t go in an Alley alone with Trag

  • I never said he wasn’t an old ass whack ass nigga. Lrn to read fucktard. Classic this classic that

    If i wanna hear some classic music i’ll put on big or pac. stfu abt classic, thast another word for old