50 Cent – Stop Crying (prod. !llmind)

blame it on Meka November 29, 2011

Curtis’ 50 Cent Is The Future – also known as the tape that reintroduced him back into rap’s public consciousness – is nearing its 10-year anniversary, and to celebrate he’s dropping The Big 10. Here is the first single from that project.

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  • Queenz


    That soft shit ain’t Hip Hop

    50 Cent Haters Watch This

  • ***************************

    “That soft shit ain’t Hip Hop”

    2pac – Brenda got a baby.

    For real?

  • A

    Son every rapper out right now is straight bullshit, even the legends.


    Fiddy: aye cuz Reyshawn! make me a cover like dat Watch The Throne shit.

  • Jonezy

    Is this all stemming from the Rick Ross beef still? I always liked 50’s flow, his lyrics are decent.

  • prk

    50 continues the good music.

  • dourman


    it seems more like a No Mercy No Fear thing…hence the ruger-mirroring effect

  • lou

    50 is so fucking wack now, i liked him way better before he got rich.

  • emdozet

    ohhh shit when i saw this title i’ve thought bout that Biggie’s line :D:D:D i’m on that nostradamus shit, damn

  • Deeznutz805

    Haven’t had the chance to peep the track but ummmmm…is it jus me or does that picture look more like Eli Porter?? Lol

  • Chev Chelios

    Freddie Gibbs >>>>> Modern 50

  • Frank

    @queenz a black man is running the world and youre still worried about which block 50 cent was running in the 90’s.

  • Common Sense

    So yall gonna act like this aint some gangsta shit ? I know I know yall want that pussy ass singing rnb hip hop shit.

  • david

    @emdozet: i was thinking of the slick rick stuttering ‘stop lying’ thing he does, then i listened to this and he didnt do the stuttering thing but he did go on to say ‘dont cry dry your eyes’ which is another slick rick line :P

  • VJ

    Damn, on a second listen I gotta say that 50 going pretty hard on this.

  • J.O

    i hope “The Big 10” is not actually like… the Big 10! #footballbadjoke #SEC

  • TonyRay

    Smh, not sure what happened to 50 but his music has been hit or miss lately. The SK and SMS series were pretty good but at this point I just want to hear the music in the vault he recorded during Get Rich and The Massacre. 50 is 1 of my favorite artist but it’s like he doesn’t care about making good music anymore. I really hope he proves me wrong with this EP and his next album, but I’m not holding my breath. With that said, I just wish he would push Banks and stay focus on his business ventures.

  • limassacre

    This shit is dope as fuck

  • Rezo

    What’s good with the cover though? It looks like the cover art you see on Datpiff with the dudes who only have 4 listens. haha

  • ill fcking mind!

  • fastflipper


  • 50 cent is washed up. The beat is sub par, the hook is terrible and the lyrics are basic, like the ABC’s. What about this song is good?

  • Am I the only one that cringes when Fifty makes that “dont cry dry your eye” voice?

  • Cb328

    Man is this absolute garbage. He has no ear for good beats . This is fucking terrible . He was good on grodt and beg for mercy. This is really sad

  • who cares

    I heard this last night. I thought it was pretty dope. Not the best 50 song, but it’s better than some Waka Flock bullshit

  • D

    Some properly nice old school style 50 lyrics over a complete waste of a beat.

  • Jay

    Yeah this shit aight like i prefer this then all that other wack shit out these days at least fif still talking dat talk who else is gonna give us that aggresiveness and man that beat is a pure hip hop beat if you were around in the 90’s u would know wack ass kids talking like they know INTERNET GANGSTERS FALL BACK

  • luca

    Don´t front. You know that all of his mixtapes are better than everything that´s out right now.

  • this is ass

  • Maga D

    Yea, artwork is bullshit, but this track’s hot.