• koonta

    doom gotta put some some lotion on those dusty hands

    but the track is dope haha

  • Micah

    This guy SPekt has my attention dude. That album with Kno was fucking dope. He messing with Doom now to?! He's been blessed to be around such talented producers.

  • Truth Allah

    FINALLY some Fresh ISHHHHH!!!!! Mobonix is dope [softer then teddy ruxpin he was understandibly bluffin] i like him ever since he was on the DOOM record. Spekt i'm not hatin im just sayin,, still dope though. and produced by the SUPER VILLAIN DOOM!!!!! this is why i love hip hop you never know what to expect.

  • yupyup

    DOOM is underrated with the beats, those Metal Fingers tapes were dope!

    That being said this beat sounds familiar....

  • And Two

    machetevision is so grimy and dope.

  • Slide

    Holllllyyyyyyy Shiiiiiit. This is the best song of the week to me. I Love DOOM beats! Marq Spekt is becoming 1 of my faves(machetevision is the shit!) and Mobonix is really crazy! I gotta check more of his stuff.

  • weird

    anyone remember when kno wrote that angry letter to doom calling him a gimmick and shit?