• Unxpekted

    Action Bronson FTW! Fuck Mac Miller Asher Roth bubble gum garbage

  • http://2dboyz.com Untitled

    I see hundreds of rappers that get posted & I usually just ignore them, but The Kid Daytona is nice.

    I slept on this dude until I watched the "Padma (So Buttery)" video & On the Hill. He has that mid-90's vibe. I will definitely support(buy) his projects with that type of fire!

  • Danny

    But Asher Roth doesn't suck....

  • TekZilla

    ah maaaan i love tracks like this.. no drums. Just flex raps. Action is on another level than those young white boys, maybe cuz hes not white and is actually dope, no gimmicks.

  • King Tyrone