• Iodine

    That cover art looks like a 6 year old got a picnik account

  • Will S

    Never heard of Farrar but his voice and content just put him on my bout to blow list.

  • nOF


  • jf.vigor

    Only checking this out because this guy has the same last name as I lol

  • Thor-molecules

    Pooh murdered this. But his verse is basically dissing the type of cats that the first dude claimed to be on his verse. Bwhaaa.

  • http://Jams4Days.com Jams4Days

    Big Pooh a beast! Love this shit. Click my name to check out my blog if you are looking for another source for new music. Thanks.

  • Japan

    Good Music...704 got talent!!!!

  • dam shame

    wack you can get as many features as you want but still dont make you hot

  • two-faces

    Thor-molecules - that was the whole f*cking point to the song, comparing and contrasting two very different worlds and view points ...the dichotomy between the perspectives in relation to where they ultimately end up is point .