VERSES: Common vs. Nas (Video)

blame it on Meka November 30, 2011

Directed by Court Dunn. Cinematography by Mr. Mike Florio. Special thanks to Ayal Kleinman.

It’s been a while but the dopehouse’s VERSES series is back, and what better way to bring it back that to have one legend reciting his favorite verse from another legend? Common meets Nas on this episode, and don’t forget: The Dreamer, The Believer drops December 20th.

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  • zeezrom


  • JustSayin..

    I feel this, but AZ’s verse on this song has to go down as the illest verse of all time in my books, no discredit to Nas though.

  • Vitalis

    My two best MCs in the universe Common&Nas.the Dreamer/the Believer rocks,wat a collabo.

  • Mollow

    Nas’ verse on “Life’s a Bitch” is sooooo underrated. Glad that Common respects it

  • who cares

    Fuckin’ dope. Common just has one of them voices that just works! And Nas, don’t even get me started on how dope he is lyrically

  • Jo

    Always liked Nas’ verse more than AZ’s.

  • Aaron

    (2) Dope verse and delivery. Atrociously shot.

  • benocratic

    “The essence of adolescence leaves my body now I’m fresh in my physical frame…” – Nobody is touching Nas, then or now. Verbal artistry.

  • ify

    Dope joint,I do listen to dat track err week…AZ’s version is ill but NAS did kill that,do listen close…big ups to COMMON…am reping AFRICA,NIGERIA though…@ifysagz is my twitter handle,do follow peeps and imma follow back thanks

  • Owamiee


  • Ricki Lutes

    LOVE IT!

  • James

    Can we get an .mp3 of that? Shit’s dope

  • marcus

    this shit is whack lol who the hell gives a shit if an artist is spittin another artists rhymes.

    this is the least creative shit ever. this is like seeing a video of bruno mars doing a stevie wonder song…. who gives a shit?

    itll never be as good as the original, all it is, is a video suck piece. The audio quality is shit and doesnt even fit the weird camera work that looks like something out of an r&b video.

    cmon man, lets get some originality up in this bitch. this shit is wack as fuck fam.

    Nas’ original was far superior. I get its paying homage to a classic, but who the hell wants to hear common spit nas rhymes not even half as good as nas did at 19?

    not me.

  • Jay

    ^ Well some of us enjoy seeing where artists get their inspiration from.

    Ill tell you one thing nobody wants to see is someone complaining about some shit for no reason. If you dont like it then dont watch it. The fact that you actually took time out of your day to watch a video you didnt like and then write about how much you didnt like it shows that you have too much time on ya hands.

  • breakingdawnpt1

    Jay, are you fucking retarded? how are you supposed to know your not gonna like something before you check it out? and yea this shit is wack as fuck, who gives a fucking shit, the original was the shit, no need for some old ass fuck who fell off to do this

  • who cares

    Wow, a lot of hate up in here.
    Anyway I came back in here to ask why this got brought back up to the top?

  • Common and Nas are both legends in the game, and show no signs of slowing down still. Click my name to check out my blog if you are looking for another source for new music. Thanks.

  • Wow! It’s not that serious, y’all.

  • What y’all think of this, out of curiosity?: Instrumental album from me & my crew.

  • Its dope, to see him spit that verse. It just proves that timeless music never dies.

  • QUEENSBRIDGE 40th Side

    Im from Queens…What dunn?….but yeah…..If yall have Nas entire catalog go back and listen to this dude….to me personally..Nas has the best hip hop catalog…even over the Roots…no dick riding involved…NAS IS THE BEST TO DO IT EVER…yeah we got Mos Def, Black Thought..Outkast, Lupe Fiasco, Ghostface, EM, but nobody touches Nas…even if you leave out Illmatic….It Was Written was a strong,strong, album….Nas is the best …dead or alive….hands down.
    1. Verbal Intercourse
    2. On The Real
    3. Good Morning
    4. Calm Down
    5. Escobar 97
    6. silent Murder
    7. Esco Let Go
    8. The Message
    9. Take it In Blood
    10. Let My Niggas Live.

    Go find those songs and thats not even the half…just and old playlist of mine to debate with corny ass niggas calling Nas ol school…or just old period. 94-2000…damn rap done changed…Shit im glad to see we got STALLEY and Kendrick tho.

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  • DiazFannie

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  • QUEENSBRIDGE 40th Side: Word, comfortably the best to ever do it.

  • Ikem

    Honestly..why do people think AZ outshined Nas on Life’s A Bitch? ffs.

  • YOYO


  • Nuff

    fuck u shake why u dont post Jeezys new shit talk to me!! gibbs and em on it!

  • And Won

    Tois de Noise, that’s dooooope.

  • @And Won: thanks!
    click my name (again) for more of my stuff

  • cherk this out

    Did you miss David Guetta & Usher performing ‘Without You’ on the ellen show?? Check it out here!

  • Where are the other vids for this series?

  • j.kalamary

    @ Tois de noise… i dont usually check out the self promoting people in the c-section…but once i saw u mention toro y moi i had to check it out and im glad i did it was surprisingly pleasant!

  • @ j.kalamary:
    i was actually working on another edit of ‘divina’ when the common verse came by. i finished up that edit later today, it’s posted on my soundcloud now. (
    you should check out my beat ‘Surf’ (track 09 on Beat Tape 2). it contains a sample of ‘Silver Soul’ by Beach House (click the name).


  • One of my favorite rappers, reciting another one of my favorite rappers verses .. too dope

    check the new video out <– not spam, just tryna get heard

  • he performed the first verse of NY State of Mind a couple years back when he came through

  • r.c.

    Nas is one of the best rappers of all time. definitely top 5. i wish there was somebody that came along that spit like he did on illmatic. these new artists are ass. j.cole, kendrick, krit, stalley are dope but none of them are really blowing my mind when i listen to them. Nas did that on illmatic.