Curren$y & The Jets’ Jet World Order Release Party (Video)

blame it on Shake December 1, 2011

Wrap up footage of Spitta, Young Roddy, Trademark, Smoke DZA and the rest celebrating the release of their new album a few days back at the Highline Ballroom in NYC. Wiz Khalifa also makes an appearance on stage and rocks in support of his brother.

  • aggzworth

    Cant believe i missed this,…

  • -_–

    rich weed rappers

  • NoName

    I would dig if those niggas did a how fly 2 but really doubt that shit but good look for the crew

  • t-rell

    i was there shit was toooo trilllll….spitta killed it smoke dza killed it trade roddy and mikey rocks!! and the kids named g.r.a.m.z opened up and killed it..marz love joy killed shit too….best night ever!

  • @t-rell, I thought Corner Boy P was having the best time, rocked shit. It seemed like none of that crew truly knew Mikey but by the end, when Mikey rapped an old song off a fan in the crowd’s phone, I think everyone was convinced.

  • j

    does anyone else thing curren$y might be gay? yall heard him talk? look at the still pic for the vid…hes a sick rapper but dude might be homo

  • Musikfiend

    Thumbs up Spitta for the Marino Jersey & Dolphins Skully.

  • amothafuckinG

    @J ….

    Tha fuck you talkin bout you fucking stupid? God damn nigga must be trippin or some shit to mastermind that fucking statement god damn you fucking dumb or some shit? You special mother fucker? You ride the slow bus or some mother fucking shit? Can’t believe that motha fucka just said that shit god damn you is truly fucked up if you think that shit i mean for real fucked up what the fuck makes you think that?

    Mother fuckin kids these god damn days. #jetsfool

  • Rob

    ^^^^^ This nigga crazy… Yo don’t u notice at 5:08 min. mark it gets awkward for wiz… Currensy is grouchy cuz there not playing anything and Wiz gets mellow.

  • rae won in ’92

    anyone notice at 5:10 when they sat down wiz looked at spitta and asked if they had some how fly shit i guess thinking they were gonna perform a few tracks off how fly..then a track off jwo drops and wiz takes a long pause and went “oh ok”..i may be reading too much into it but wiz seemed a lil sad after that..but spitta still the man and him wiz still bros and will hopefully drop how fly 2 by summer of ’12

  • Jay

    HAHA spitta played the shit out dat nigga! That nigga reachin and nobody ever hated on you bruh wiz started that sneak dissin bitting styles n shit. If u watch smoke dza and shorty on da couch lls. Sit ya ass down n drink yas bombay

  • Curren$Y is that dude

  • skiler714

    So Smoke Dza is official Jets Fam? I thought he just fucced wit em. I like what is going on with this camp.